Friday, August 17, 2012

Game Time!

When was the last time you played a good game of Truth or Dare? It may have been so long ago that you can't remember, but we're willing to bet that some of the fun and often exciting events that occurred during your previous bouts with this game are still unforgettable.

Earlier this year, Queen of deVINE, Linda, suggested that Hatquarters revive this game for Hatters to use in their Chapter outing, and we thought that was a great idea! New to the Fun Stuff Tab of the RHS website is the RHS Tattle Game. Hatters have the option of either printing the templated questions and dares, or they can print the blank cards and write questions and dares that might be more relevant to their Chapters.

This game is the perfect Chapter Activity, and will surely lead to loads of giggles and fun. After all, The Red Hat Society is all about "Bringing The Giggles Back!"  

Directions for the game:
Cut out the different cards and place them face down on the table, or into a bowl. Mix them up, and each player chooses a card. They are then to either share or do what is written. The RHS has provided you with empty cards as well so that you can add to your own fun! Enjoy!

Access to RHS downloadbles is an exclusive benefit to Supporting Members of the Red Hat Society. If you would like to learn how you can bring the giggles back to your life by becoming a Member of the Red Hat Society, simply visit our website. We can't wait to get to know you!

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