Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Little Taste of Grandma's Brag Board

September is host to National Grandparents' Day. Last month, The Red Hat Society asked Hatters to share with us some of their favorite moments with their grandchildren to be featured in the upcoming issue of Red Hatter Matters in a new section called "Grandma's Brag Board." Here is a sneak preview of a few of the responses we received! 

"Recently I was babysitting my 5 yr. old granddaughter, Rylee, and one of my Red Hat Chapters was meeting for lunch that day. So I ask permission to bring Rylee along. Rylee had always loved trying on my Red Hat clothes and hats since she the moment she could talk. Before we got to the Ranch where we were dining, Rylee kept talking about the ladies she knew, getting some of the names mixed up with my other Chapter. When we joined the others, I introduced Rylee to our Queen. She promptly stood up and sang out, 'Queen Jean,' and for days afterwards she talked about Queen Jean. When her parents ask her who she was talking about, Rylee said, 'Oh! You know, that's mine and Emama's Queen.' We think Rylee will skip Pink Hats and go right to Red Hatting at the ripe ole age of 5." - Dianne, Belles of the 'Boro Chapter (Georgia, United States)

"Most of the QMBers know about my lovable 17 year-old grandson, Nicholas. Nicholas is under Hospice care as we speak due to having a rare brain disease called Batten. He is also a diabetic and has been on the insulin pump for ten years. Every time I have to do his insulin pump, I always tell him that Mom and Dad can do this quicker than Grandma, and he always tells me, 'That's okay Grandma, you're old,' I laugh and tell him  'I will be your old grandma any time.'  Nicholas' brain development has decreased to the age of an 18 month old child, and he is completely blind, but every time he hears my voice, he has a big smile for me and says 'grandma again.'  He is the bravest child I have ever met, and he is my Hero."- Myrna of the Red Hot and Devilish Chapter (Nevada, United States)

"When I want to get a kiss and a hug from my grandchildren, I'll ask for some 'sugar' and they usually give me a bear hug and a kiss on the cheek.
When my granddaughter Lauren was about 4 years old, I asked her for some 'sugar' and she said 'Uh,uh!' 
So I then asked her where Grandma Pat would get her 'sugar' from and she quickly replied 'From the grocery store.'"-
Pat of the Sassy Southern Sisters Chapter (Georgia, United States) 

Do you have a story that you would like to share for future Grandma's Brag Boards? Send it to Stories@RedHatSociety.com with the title: Grandma's Brag Board. 

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  1. My grandson is 9 yrs old. One morning while I was visiting them he knocked on my door and said," Grandma, breakfast is ready."
    I said, "Thanks Robert, I'll be right there."
    As I approached the table Robert showed me how neatly he had lined up the silverware and napkins, next to the plates and glasses. He even had a scented candle in the center of the table. He served both of us sausages and scrambled eggs, and toast with butter and strawberry jam. He said, "I hope you like strawberry jam because that's my favorite."
    I said," Yes, strawberry jam was one of my favorites too." I was just so pleased and proud of him for making breakfast for me. Carol Hendon Queen of the Crimson Divas