Friday, August 3, 2012

A DIY Red Hat Band

 We love when Red Hat Society Members share their fun crafts ideas with us! At our 2012 Golden Age of Glamour International Convention, Marilyn, an RHS Ambassador and Queen, was strutting her stuff in her Red Hat Band, which she made herself. When we asked her how she made it, she took the time to show us so we could share it here with you. Isn't it adorable? Keep reading to learn how you can make this hat for yourself! 

What You Need: 
-A Large Drink Straw
-Eyelash Yarn (color of your choice)
-Hair Pin

How To Assemble:
Step 1:Take your elastic and pull it through the straw and tape down about an inch-and-a-half of elastic on one side.  
Step 2: Let the remaining elastic run out to be the length of the hat band that you would like.
Step 3: Use a hair clip as a weight to hold it steady.
Step 4: Take your eyelash yarn and loosely wrap it around the straw and then tie it into a knot. 
Step 5: Continue wrapping the yarn around the straw in the same circular motion throughout the length of the elastic that was cut. 
Step 6: Once you have completed wrapping, carefully cut the tape off the end of the straw. 
Step 7: Tie the two ends of the elastic together. Cut the excess elastic. 
Step 8: Place band on top of your head and wear it as a hat or add it as an accessory to your favorite hat! 

This hat can also become a fabulous lei, a boa depending on the length of the elastic that you use, a 
halo, or a bracelet.

Do you have an idea that you would like to feature on Red Hat Chat? Simply send us your photos and directions to, and title the email "Craft Idea." We love to receive and share new ideas with the Sisterhood.

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Worldwide Hoot Day is a special day where Hatters all over the world come together for fun and friendship. From Stonehenge to the Eiffel Tower to many of the Hard Rock Cafes, there will be a sea of Red and Pink Hattere out to play.

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  1. What a fun idea! Can't wait to try to do this.