Friday, July 6, 2012

Put A Hat On It!

"Oh darn, there's a bug in my drink!" When the weather is perfect, there is nothing better than a Chapter activity outdoors. Of course, all of the critters and bugs in the area love outdoor parties just as much as we do, and they always seem to find their way onto our plates and sometimes in our drinks! Fret no more, ladies! We have the perfect solve for your bug-in-drink issues: Put a hat on it!

This is the Red Hat Society! We always think outside the Hatbox! Besides... lids are boring, and they are nowhere near as darling as a hat covered cup. These are a perfect way to spruce up the decor at your next outdoor Chapter outing, and we guarantee that your Sisters will love it!

What you need:
-Felt- Red, Purple (for the birthday girls), and Pink
-Ribbon- any color
-X-Acto knife

How to assemble:
If you are making several cups covers, the easiest way to do this is to create a template.
-Cut your felt into a large circle. (About triple the diameter of the top of the cup.)
-Place the fabric over the cup. There should be plenty of fabric hanging over the rim.
-Hold in place with a tight rubberband.
-Adjust the fabric to resemble a hat brim
-Cut a small hole in the top for the straw

There you have it! Your very own Hat Drink Cover. You can also use a permanent marker to personalize the felt covers for your ladies!

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  1. This is FANTASTIC! I can't wait to get home to put this one to use!

  2. Very cute idea!!

  3. This month's craft is the Red Solo Cup, the drink cover will be the crowning touch. THANKS