Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Snail Mail Delight

"Computers are so often way more trouble than they are worth!"

This was a comment that was posted on Facebook earlier today, and without any context, it brought about a quick chuckle, because who hasn't felt this way about technology in one case or another? Sometimes it's nice to reminisce about the the days of old, when letters were sent via "Snail Mail" and conversations took place face-to-face without the distractions of text messages, emails, and Social Media notifications.

Today, a majority of the stories that come in to the Red Hat Society are sent via email, and we are able to communicate with Hatters around the world through Facebook, Twitter, and our own Members-only Queens and Members Board. But there's still something exciting about receiving a red or purple envelope in the mail that's just bursting at the seams with wonderful pictures of smiling Hatters and handwritten stories of grand adventures. 

Today, one of our team members came across a sweet poem a Hatter had written and mailed to Hatquarters a few months ago. She kept this poem on her desk because it made her smile, but over the months, it had gotten lost under a pile of papers. When she saw it, she decided that she wanted to share it here with you.  This poem was written by Queen of the Pleasants, Elsilee, of the Scrap Hatters (California, United States)

I almost said "NO" I was too depressed
To see designer clad matrons expensively dressed
With expressions of bored mediocrity
On faces more dead than their flowers would be! 

Then alive and laughing with such easy grace
Sparkling eyes and smiles on each eloquent face 
Ladies wearing red hats appeared on the lawn
Like the sun making rainbows of dewdrops at dawn.

Fun-lovingly youthful, yet chronologically old 
How did they do it? I just had to be told.  
For the first time in ages against mood and intention
I approached, surely prodded by Divine Intervention!

They explained how to join a Red Hat Chapter,
A disorganization of fun, adventure and laughter. 
Finding a group right for me loomed alarmingly large
And who'd want to join where I was in charge?

Besides I didn't want to be Queen (there shouldn't be peasants)
But I formed a group anyway and became
Now I think of the Flower Show with light-hearted gratitude 
For the joyous miracle of my change in "Hattitude!"

Thank you for taking the time to write this wonderful poem Queen Elsilee! This is a true testament to the power of the Sisterhood and the inspiring women who are a part of it.

Sparkling eyes, smiling faces, fun, adventure, laughter, and friendship... These are powerful words that describe the Sisterhood.When you are a Member of the Red Hat Society, you can you go to any event and know that you will have instant girlfriends and Sisters waiting to play with you. Are you ready to join in the fun yet? What are you waiting for?! We can't wait to get to know you! Click here to become a Member today! 


  1. How cute! I love snail mail too!!! If anyone wants to be my pen pal, just let me know! :)

  2. Ahhh, the good old days of up close & personal communication. Cheers to your organization and all the good it represents in this world--cheers!