Tuesday, June 26, 2012

RHS Purse Envelopes

In the world of Hatting, accessories and bling are everything. We love to "redify," "pinkify" and bling-out anything we can get our hands on. With this in mind, the Red Hat Society has created several free printables available exclusively to RHS Queens and Members to help them add a bit of pizzazz to any activities or events they may be hosting. These items are available under the Fun Stuff tab of the Red Hat Society website

This week, we are featuring the Printable RHS Purses available on the Party Favors Section of the Printables area. These cute purses are perfect for event invitations, special notes or cards for your Sisters, and they serve as great packaging for Chapter information for prospective Hatters in your area. Keep reading to learn how to assemble them! 
What you need: 
-Choose the purse designs you like and print out however many you will need.

How to assemble: 
1. Cut out your purses. (Stay along the perimeter. Do not cut any of the dotted lines.)
2. Fold the bottom half first. 
3. Fold the side tabs along the dotted lines, which should resemble an accordion. This will make the envelope expandable to store many items. 
4. Poke holes in the "x's" along the fold of the top flap. 
5. String your ribbon through the hole to create the handle.
6. Tie a knot at each end of the ribbon on the inside of the envelop to secure the handle
7. Glue the edge of accordion shaped tabs to the folded bottom tab to close the envelope.

There you have it! Your absolutely adorable Printable RHS Envelopes

Not a Member of the Red Hat Society? We want to get to know you too! Click to here to learn how you can become a Queen of your own Chapter or a Supporting Member in the Sisterhood so you too can access these fabulous items.   



  1. Made these cute purses ,great for chapter treasures.Nice to present with Red Hat Info .

  2. I love these they are so perfect for little gifts for my chapterettes when it is a special occasion for them or for us. What a great idea. You did it again Hatquarters!

    Also, my granddaughter thinks they are fun too. She puts her little toy pieces for her dolls into them for keeping in a safe place, she said.

    Queen Runaround Sue
    Bayou Camellia HOtties

  3. These would be cute for Valentine's favors - I'd replace the bow with a glittery heart and string some inexpensive beads on a pipe cleaner to make the handle. Then place a candy bar inside as a treat. Definitely will be making some of these! Queen Lu, Sisterhood of the Traveling Hats