Thursday, June 14, 2012

A LUSH Adventure

In the Red Hat Society, we like to think that one of the most incredible aspects of the Sisterhood is its ability to pull women out of the routine that can become everyday life and transport them to world where fun, friendship and adventure are of the utmost importance. In this world, Scarlet Sparkles and the "Magic in the Hat" are very real occurrences. Just visit our Facebook page or the Members-only Queens and Members Board to see Hatters in action and get a taste of the magic that unites women around the world!

We especially love to read all of the fun stories that come into Hatquarters, because we get to experience the Sisterhood through the wonderful words that Hatters share with us.This week, Queen of Jean, Norma, took us on a little adventure with her Cardinal C's Chapter of British Columbia, Canada, and we wanted to share it with you.

Every year, these Canadian Hatters take what they call a Ladies Ultra Short Holiday. This was their third year hosting this event, and they chose to spend it in the historic downtown area of Victoria, BC.

"We accomplished so many sight-seeing firsts in our three day holiday- it's hard to choose the ones we enjoyed the most!" Queen Norma said.

The ladies took a tour of the Parliament Buildings and they spoke with Mary Ellen Smith, the first woman to both be elected into the BC Government and sit in the Provincial Legislature in 1918. Now it's not uncommon for Hatters to attract attention wherever they go, so it was no surprise that these ladies were filmed by a local cable company at the entrance of the Parliament Buildings to be included in a music video.

The ladies also visited the Butterfly Gardens where they realized that their bright regalia not only attracted the attention of passers-by, but it really drew the butterflies to them. In fact, some butterflies would land on their hats and ride around with the Hatters for a bit.

Their final challenge of the weekend was to find a park bench that would accommodate all of the Cardinal C's. How many can you fit on bench? Apparently, nine!  

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story Queen Norma! It's always exciting to read about the many adventures Hatters embark on with their Sisters!

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