Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hatting In The Family

The theme for the month of May is "Generations of Hatters." The Red Hat Society unites women around the world in a Sisterhood that is best defined as magical, uplifting and just plain fun! Although there are many reasons women are inspired to join the Society, we find that a lot of women are sharing the Magic in the Hat with their close female relatives, and it has allowed them to bond and gain experiences that they otherwise might never have had the opportunity to. These women do things like travel around the world to meet other Hatters. They try new activities like dragon boat racing and belly dancing, and best of all, they dress in red and purple and pink and lavender, and they bask in the attention from onlookers as they share genuine moments of fun and friendship. 

Other women have found inspiration to join the Society from the memories of loved ones passed. This story was submitted to Hatquarters by Judy, a.k.a. Princess Margueritte of the Red Flair Ladies, and it was included in the last issue of the Red Hat Society's quarterly publication: Red Hatter Matters. It was such a touching story that we wanted to share it with you here. When Judy saw this article in the magazine, she sent Hatquarters an email saying that she was going to frame the article and share it with her daughters and granddaughters to continue the Legacy of Hatting in her family.

Red Hatter Matters is a wonderful quarterly magazine created by The Red Hat Society. In it you will find plenty of stories about Hatters, stories about events that have taken place in the Sisterhood, and you get a glimpse of events that are coming soon. This is an online publication, and it is available on The Red Hat Society's website under the Fun Stuff tab. You can look for the next issue to come out on May 21st!

If you have family members Hatting with you in the Sisterhood, please share your stories and photos with us at so we can include them in an upcoming Friday Broadcast.

Do you have a family member that you think would be perfect for The Red Hat Society? You might want to consider giving her a Gift of Membership. With so many wonderful things taking place in the Sisterhood, it's the gift that keeps on giving! Be sure to visit our website and LIKE us on Facebook to get an inside look at the Sisterhood!

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  1. Such a great post! I love the idea of sharing something like this with a daughter...if I had one. :)