Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DIY "Poof-a-licious" Boa Wreath

This "Poof-a-licious" boa wreath is one of the most versatile DIY creations we have made! It was designed to simply be a wreath, but when we were showing it off at Hatquarters, women were saying that they would wear it as a hat, or they would use it as a centerpiece. This wreath is so easy and quick to assemble, that you can make them for your next gathering or you create several and give them to your Sisters or Chapterettes for the holidays.

What you'll need:
-A 12" Diameter Styrofoam wreath
-A feather boa
-A hot glue gun

How to make this wreath:
-Glue one edge of the feather boa to the Styrofoam wreath and let it cool.
-Begin to wrap the feather boa around the Styrofoam
-Wrap it until you have used the whole boa (The more you overlap, the bigger and poofier it is!)
-Glue the remaining end of the boat to the wreath.
-Cut 24" of ribbon and loop it around your boa and tie it in bow.

There you have it! A "Poof-alicious" feather boa wreath. If you want to wear it as a hat you can eliminate the ribbon and just place it on your head. (Maybe add a bit of bling to it!) To create a table centerpiece, just place the wreath on your table and place a glass vase in the center of it. You can fill the vase with beads, water and a floating candle, or some fun red and purple decorations.

If you come up with a fun way to use this boa wreath, please be sure to share it with us. You can post a picture on our Facebook or email it to Stories@redhatsociety.com 


  1. I love ideas that are quick and easy! Thanks a bunch. I can see this with a silver or gold cord twisted through it or at the holiday season with a big purple bow and a few candy canes stuck in it.

    Adorable. A crazy hat too1

  2. This is something even I, a noncrafter, would make.

  3. This is such a fabulously simple way to make a hat or a wreath. Thanks to whomever came up with this creation. I will be making one or two myself. hugs