Thursday, May 3, 2012

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend!

We Hatters love our treats, and when they come packaged in an adorable box with a sweet note, our treats become a feast for the eyes, the soul and best of all the taste buds!

So feast your eyes on the latest addition to the printable family: Diamond Boxes. These cute boxes come in a variety of patterns and colors, and they are located on the Fun Stuff tab of the Red Hat Society's website. There are even pre-made tags that you can print and attach to them!

These Diamond Boxes would make excellent party favors, decorations, place holders, or they could just be a sweet surprise for your Sisters and friends at your next Chapter outing.

Now, let's show you how to assemble these boxes!

What you'll need:
- A Color Printer
- Card stock Paper
- Scissors
- A Glue Stick
- Tape
- Candy

Choose and print the box design and tags you would like to use.
Step 1: Cut out your tags.
Step 2: Cut out your box design. (Only cut along the outer edge. Do not cut the dotted lines.)
Step 3: Observe the dotted lines on the design. These are your fold lines.
Step 4: Fold all of the tabs under. (There will be no tabs exposed on the box.)
Step 5: Begin to fold along the dotted lines. You will see your box start to take shape.
Step 6: Cut and separate the only v-shaped connected tab.
Step 7: Look for the triangle with two tabs. You will not glue these tabs.
Step 8: Add glue to the remaining tabs.
Step 9: Attached them to the inside of the box walls that line up with them when folded, and wait a few minutes for the glue to dry.
Step 10: Add your candies.
Step 11: Fold the white edge of the tag and tape to wall of the remaining open triangle.
Step 12: Fold the last triangle down and tape to secure the box.

There you have it ladies! The assembly of this box is much simpler than it looks here. Have fun with these treat boxes, and remember that there's a bit of RHS Magic in every one of them!

This item is just one of the many free printables available to RHS Members. If you are interested in joining the Red Hat Society, please click here to learn how you can do so today! If you would like to get an inside view of the Red Hat Society before joining, check out our Facebook Page and previous blog posts!


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