Thursday, April 26, 2012

14th Birthday Celebration and Décor!

Everyone in the Red Hat Society is filled with the birthday spirit and we decided to create these floating memory decorations to add a bit of pizzazz to Hatquarters! This festive activity is quick, cheap, simple and best of all CUTE!! It put a big smile on the faces of our guests this week.  

What You Need:
Balloons: Foil or Latex with strings attached and inflated with helium
Printed pictures
Hole puncher

We actually found these cute star balloons at the local dollar store, and we thought they were perfect for the "Stars Among Us" theme of 2012. 

So here's what we did:
We went through our picture archive and selected some of the most memorable moments of the past year. (This is the most time-consuming part of the project!) Then, we printed them and punched a hole in the corner and tied them to the balloon strings.

You would not believe how many wonderful conversations and smiles were created from these decorations! They are perfect for Chapter anniversaries, birthday parties and you can even make a memory game out of these decorations. The possibilities are endless! 

If you use these or any other ideas on the RHS Blog, please share your photos with us on our Facebook Page, or email them to

A 14th Birthday Celebration in Hollywood
The Red Hat Society celebrated its 14th Birthday at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, CA with nearly 300  Hatters. In a wonderful custom embraced by the Red Hat Society, the women enjoyed dessert first as they were serenaded by Hank Castro, former lead singer of Thee Midniters. They went on to enjoy a delicious lunch, free entrance to Madame Tussaud's attraction, and they were the VIP guests in a private RHS-only screening of Fox Searchlight Pictures' "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel."  

Five RHS Members won the opportunity to have their names displayed on the Hard Rock Cafe marquee, and these women received the star treatment and took part in a special photo session commemorating their moment in the spotlight. One Queen in the Sisterhood received a free trip from Amtrak on the Pacific Surfliner route, and she will come to Hatquarters for a bit of VIP treatment when she takes her trip.
For a full recap of the RHS Festivities that took place around the world, and to see the pictures of our fabulous contest winners, look for the next Red Hatter Matters Magazine, which will be available on the Red Hat Society's website in May! 


  1. It was a wonderful day to play hooky from work and to go out and play with the Red (and Pink) Hatter's. The food was delish, dancing to the tunes spun by the DJ and the vocolist was awesome (got my exercise in for the day), and the movie was a charming treat. The whole celebration day was incredibly exciting. Everyone one along the Boulevard stopped to take pictures and ask who we are and it was great fun to tell them.

  2. Aw we are so glad you had fun! You should email this comment so she can put it in Red Hatter Matters!

  3. The pictures are great! So glad that you all had a blast!

  4. Hattitude at it's BEST! The birthday celebration was a BLAST - food, fun, friendship and FABULOSITY - and so wonderful to connect with our Exalted Queen Mother and her court and all the lovely Red and Pink Hatters in attendance! I was fortunate to have been one of the few who had the privilege of experiencing their "name in lights" - WOW! As a SoCal girl, that was an AMAZING experience and I am quite the envy back home! Thank you for an incredible event! Hope everyone enjoyed this very special day and you continue to CELEBRATE the whole year through!! Happy Hatter Hugs to the RHS sisterhood!

  5. Loved the party. The movie was excellent. The story line was done very well and did not insult us oldsters. Loved the idea of outsourcing our retirement. This is a must see movie.
    Really looking forward to our next big birthday party. I was also one of the lucky ones that got my name in lights. An awesome experience. Thanks Hatquarters for all that you do for us.