Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Fun and Fabulous Outing!

It's the last few days of National Women's History Month, and Hatquarters received this fun story from "Alice the Queen" of the Fun and Fabulous Red Hats (Arizona, United States). Her Chapter combined a St. Patrick's Day and an National Women's History Month celebration into one fabulous outing. They also shared a fun quiz that you can print out and try yourself.

"Our Chapter, the Fun and Fabulous Red Hats Chapter had our monthly luncheon today at one of our favorite local spots. We had one of our favorite (and most good-looking) servers waiting on us today: Jeremy.
As a salute to National Women's History Month, Chapter Co-Queen Alice put together a fun game based on matching names of famous women with their areas of expertise.  (You will surely guess #16!)  Of the 18 Red Hatters in attendance, a whopping 6 guessed ALL 20 women correctly, and another 5 chapterettes got at least 15 right!  Red Hat-themed prizes were distributed, and a great time was had by all! 
If other chapters would like to have fun with this game, they are more than welcome!

Thank you for sharing this fun story and game Alice! You ladies look fabulous!!

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  1. What a great game! Thank you so much for sharing it! :)