Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It’s Time to Wear Your Crown

We came across a great quote today that read “Always wear your invisible crown,” and although it wasn't pointed directly at the Red Hat Society, it’s amazing how closely it resonates with everything we stand for. At Hatquarters, we strive to ensure that every Hatter feels like royalty in the Society.  We acknowledge that the women who comprise the Red Hat Society have devoted much of their lives to caring after others, and the Sisterhood is an escape for them. It is the one place where they can shed their everyday lives and step into a world of fun and friendship; a world where they will always be appreciated and acknowledged for being the incredible women that they are.

However, the royal treatment does not stop at Hatquarters. When Red and Pink Hatters are out and about, their beautiful regalia and fervor for life command attention. People stop to take pictures of and with our Hatters, and we have heard numerous stories from women who said that their local restaurant owners and vendors went out of their way to accommodate them for their RHS outings. These are the stories we love to hear and share!

In the Red Hat Society, you can turn your invisible crown into a real crown by becoming a Queen in the Society. Women in more than 30 countries have become Queens and started their own RHS Chapters, and we are excited to announce that every one of these Queens is currently entered in an incredible RHS Contest called the Queens’ Star Tour.

What is the Queens’ Star Tour?

The Red Hat Society has teamed up with Amtrak® to provide two incredible vacation packages for two lucky Queens in the Society. Each Queen will receive two roundtrip tickets for herself and a Supporting Member of her choice to embark on a vacation along one of 19 Amtrak routes, available in two countries. A Queen who chooses the Cascades Route, will start her trip in Eugene, Oregon, and she will travel through Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, BC Canada. If the Pacific Surfliner Route tickles her fancy, then she will start in San Diego, California and travel up through San Luis Obispo, CA, making a stop at the Red Hat Society Hatquarters in Fullerton to receive a bit of extra star treatment.

With so many incredible options, there truly has never been a better time to be a Queen! Current Queens have automatically been entered in this fabulous contest, but Supporting Members who upgrade to Queen for just $19 can also be entered. If you are new to the Society, you can become a Queen for $39 (That’s all it costs for an entire year of fun and play!). If you’re not quite ready to take the reins of Queenship, you can become a Supporting Member for just $20. (That’s also for the entire year!) To learn more about this incredible contest, click here. If you would like to learn how you can join the Red Hat Society click here.

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