Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It’s Time to Wear Your Crown

We came across a great quote today that read “Always wear your invisible crown,” and although it wasn't pointed directly at the Red Hat Society, it’s amazing how closely it resonates with everything we stand for. At Hatquarters, we strive to ensure that every Hatter feels like royalty in the Society.  We acknowledge that the women who comprise the Red Hat Society have devoted much of their lives to caring after others, and the Sisterhood is an escape for them. It is the one place where they can shed their everyday lives and step into a world of fun and friendship; a world where they will always be appreciated and acknowledged for being the incredible women that they are.

However, the royal treatment does not stop at Hatquarters. When Red and Pink Hatters are out and about, their beautiful regalia and fervor for life command attention. People stop to take pictures of and with our Hatters, and we have heard numerous stories from women who said that their local restaurant owners and vendors went out of their way to accommodate them for their RHS outings. These are the stories we love to hear and share!

In the Red Hat Society, you can turn your invisible crown into a real crown by becoming a Queen in the Society. Women in more than 30 countries have become Queens and started their own RHS Chapters, and we are excited to announce that every one of these Queens is currently entered in an incredible RHS Contest called the Queens’ Star Tour.

What is the Queens’ Star Tour?

The Red Hat Society has teamed up with Amtrak® to provide two incredible vacation packages for two lucky Queens in the Society. Each Queen will receive two roundtrip tickets for herself and a Supporting Member of her choice to embark on a vacation along one of 19 Amtrak routes, available in two countries. A Queen who chooses the Cascades Route, will start her trip in Eugene, Oregon, and she will travel through Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, BC Canada. If the Pacific Surfliner Route tickles her fancy, then she will start in San Diego, California and travel up through San Luis Obispo, CA, making a stop at the Red Hat Society Hatquarters in Fullerton to receive a bit of extra star treatment.

With so many incredible options, there truly has never been a better time to be a Queen! Current Queens have automatically been entered in this fabulous contest, but Supporting Members who upgrade to Queen for just $19 can also be entered. If you are new to the Society, you can become a Queen for $39 (That’s all it costs for an entire year of fun and play!). If you’re not quite ready to take the reins of Queenship, you can become a Supporting Member for just $20. (That’s also for the entire year!) To learn more about this incredible contest, click here. If you would like to learn how you can join the Red Hat Society click here.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winner Winner!

This week, Hatquarters Liason, Donna, received some great photos from a Hatter that she met when she was on the road in San Diego at a Chapter-hosted event called "The Best in the West." Hatquarters Liaisons have  really been instrumental in attending events and reaching out to Members on a personal level to get to know what their Hatting experience is like in their local areas.  This is where we get the insider's scoop and some of the wonderful stories that we are able to share with Hatters in Red Hatter Matters, Friday Broadcasts, Inspiring Hatters and Tidbits from Hatquarters.

At every event Hatquarters attends, we like to bring an exciting raffle prize for the ladies, and for "The Best in the West," Liasons Donna and Laura were giving away a beautiful vintage-style red and purple apron packaged with the Red Hat Society Cookbook. When a Hatter named Jo, from the Classy and Sassy Chapter (California, United States) approached the table, she exchange some friendly conversation with Donna and was convinced to purchased the very last raffle ticket to win this wonderful RHS package. "Who knows," Donna said."You might be the lucky winner!" Wouldn't you know that just a little while later, the winning ticket was drawn and it was Jo's name that was called! She was thrilled with her prizes and took these lovely photos to share with Donna and the team at Hatquarters.  Jo said the apron was just too pretty to wear when she is cooking, so she wears it when she entertains guests. She was also photographed wearing the apron as a cape or shawl per Donna's suggestion, because it has a fantastic purple satin ribbon along the top that makes for a lovely bow.

Thank you Jo for sending in these wonderful photos! You look lovely and we are so glad that you are enjoying your beautiful apron and RHS cookbook!

There are so many incredible reasons to join the Red Hat Society this year. From incredible contests, to wonderful events, trust us, you do not want to miss out!If you would like to learn about RHS events in your local area, check out the Events Calendar on the Red Hat Society website.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Get Oscars Party Ready With the RHS!!

Hollywood's biggest night is just a few days away! On Sunday, February 26th, the film industry's finest will be gracing the red carpet of the Kodak Theatre in the hopes of taking home their prestigious Oscar statuette and the esteemed title of "Academy Award Winner." And how exciting is it to think that in just a few months, RHS Members will be standing exactly where these stars stood as we celebrate RHS Day 2012.

Just like celebrities, we all have have our own personal favorites who we are leaning towards, and we will certainly be tuning in to see who triumphs. Because this year's RHS theme: the "Stars Among Us" fits so perfectly with this exciting night, we wanted to give you some ideas for putting a little RHS sparkle in your star-studded Oscars parties.

First, we have taken the official Oscars nominee ballot for 2012 and spruced it up in true RHS style so you can print it from our website, and pass it out to your guests. You could also turn this into a really fun game and have your guests try guess who will win before the awards start. The person with the most correct answers at the end of the night could get a fun little giveaway.

The 2012 Oscars Party Ballot is located under the "Fun Stuff" tab of the RHS website, and is a benefit for RHS Members.

Next, we have a DELICIOUS treat for you: "Star-Studded Popcorn!" Because what goes better with movies than popcorn?! (Yes, those are edible gold stars! How fun is that?)

What you will need:
-One Bag of Microwaveable Popcorn
-Edible Star Glitter
-Microwaveable Candy Melts.
-One microwave-safe bowl large enough to coat the popcorn in the melted candy.

First, follow the heating instructions for the popcorn. Next, heat the candy melts in the microwave stirring occasionally until they are thoroughly melted. Pour the popcorn in a bowl and cover with the melted candy. Mix the ingredients until the popcorn has a nice light candy coating, and sprinkle with edible star confetti. This sweet treat is so easy and tasty, and it's sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

If you enjoy these weekly blog posts and are interested in becoming a Sister in the Red hat Society so you can access all of the fun Members-only items we have featured, there truly has never been a better time to join the Red Hat Society. Click here to learn how you can become a Queen or Supporting Member in the Sisterhood and maybe you could win the Queens' Star Tour!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweet Bling and Other Things

Valentine's Day is the sweetest day of the year, and since the Red Hat Society is all about sharing the heart, your Hatquarters DIY Factory has created some cute projects featuring the Valentine's Day classic candies: Sweethearts. These quick and easy projects take just a few minutes to make, and they would make for wonderful gifts for your loved ones and Chapterettes.

We know that Hatters love their bling, so we thought it only fitting to create something that Hatters could give to their friends and Chapterettes to wear. We present you the Heart Candy Ring.

What you will need:
Candy Hearts
Adjustable Rings
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

Simply set up your hot glue gun and allow a few minutes for it to warm the glue. Place a dot of glue at the top of the adjustable ring, and place the heart over the glue. Hold for a few seconds as it adheres to the ring. Allow it to cool completely before handling it. These are easy and inexpensive Valentine's Day gifts that will surely bring a smile to anyone's face.

Next we have our take on the Candy-gram. This is a cute way to add a sweet touch to your homemade cards.

What you will need:
Red construction paper
Foam Heart Stickers
Candy Hearts

Take your red paper and fold in half to create a card shape. Adhere your heart stickers, layering them from biggest to smallest, ultimately topping with the candy heart. Write a special message inside and deliver this sweet surprise to your loved ones.

We hope you ladies have enjoyed this Valentine's Day blog! Please be sure to comment below and share your own heart candy ideas and pictures  with us at, or post them on the Red Hat Society Facebook Page.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Marilicious Puts Her Heart First

On Thursday February 2nd, Hatquarters attended a local "Go Red" event, and we had the pleasure of spending the day getting to know several Hatters who came to play and learn about heart health. We were so proud and honored that these women came out rocking their red clothing and beautiful red hats in true Red Hat spirit to support the wonderful movement and share their stories.

As one Hatter sashayed down the aisle of the department store toward us, she was positively glowing in her fabulous long red dress and hat adorned with bright red feathers, and she was even sporting a cute pair of red glasses for the day. She smiled and introduced herself as Maria, Marilicious, of the Hussies with Hattitude (California, United States), and boy did she have Hattitude! She was a fireball of energy ready to learn as much as she could about heart health so she could share the information with her family, friends and co-workers. She was also excited to participate in the short Zumba class that was going to take place at the event.    

This was Maria's first "Go Red" event, and she was inspired by the Red Hat Society to educate herself about heart health, because she was directly affected by the impact of heart disease. Maria lost her father to a heart attack when she was 25. Determined that she was not going to fall victim to the same fate, Maria has created a very active and healthy lifestyle for herself that involves going to the gym five times a week, walking every day and making healthy food choices. "I want to be able to enjoy my family and my future grandchildren," Maria said. "My father has been gone for more than half of my life." In fact, on the day of the "Go Red" event, Maria had an appointment to see her doctor, because she had been experiencing some numbness in her left arm, which is a sign of a possible on-coming heart attack. (Luckily, it was not a heart-related issue.)  

We had a wonderful time getting to know Maria. We had our blood pressure taken, we discussed the importance of leading a healthy, active life and she even jumped in on the Zumba class that was the grand finale of the event. Thank you so much for spending the day with us Maria, and thank you for spreading the knowledge about heart-health to your loved ones!

If you participated in a "Go Red" event in your area, we would love to hear about it. Send your stories and photos to, or post your photos on the Red Hat Society's Facebook Page. If you would like to read about heart health and "Go Red" take a look at the latest issue of the Red Hat Society's latest issue of Red Hatter Matters.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

She's A Doll!

Hatquarters invites you to take a trip back in time with the release of the Golden Age of Glamour Printable Paper Dolls. We have created three dolls and fashioned them in true Red an Pink Hat Style. These novelty items make for a wonderful Chapter activity, and once assembled, they are the perfect reminder of the fun that awaits you at the upcoming 2012 Golden Age of Glamour International Convention. These dolls would also make for cute place-setters or giveaways at an upcoming Chapter event. Simply personalize the doll by writing the woman's name on it, and she can take a trip down memory lane with her very own RHS Paper Doll. 

Access to these wonderful dolls is one of the many free benefits of being a Member of the Red Hat Society. These little ladies can be found on the Red Hat Society's website under the Fun Stuff tab, and throughout the year, Hatquarters is going to release several different dresses and accessories for you have fun and play with, so be sure to watch for these exclusive items. Don't forget to bring your dolls to the Golden of Glamour International Convention so you can show off her RHS style. We can't wait to see how creative you will get with yours!