Friday, January 6, 2012

Texas Traveler Queen Susie Visits Hatquarters

It was just another day at Hatquarters, when Queen Susie of The Red Hat Texas Travelers (Texas, United States) wandered into the Hat-Tastic lobby with Queen Mum Christine of the Delectable Dahlias Chapter (California, United States).

Queen Mum Christine had visited Hatquarters a few times before, but this was Queen Susie’s first visit, and Christine wanted to make sure the spotlight was on her. Queen Susie was beaming as she toured Hatquarters. Her red cowboy hat was covered in bling, her purple shirt read “Don’t Mess with Texas Women”, and the twinkle in her eye competed with the bling on her arms neck and fingers! She proudly held her Sock Monkey, Prissy Too, in her right arm, and a gorgeous red Michael Kors purse around her left arm. “It was a Christmas gift from my son and his girlfriend,” she said. “They told me he’s a pretty popular designer, but I don’t know much about that stuff.”  

Queen Susie was sweet as pie as she sat and shared stories of her travels with her Sisters in her big red caravan. Recently, she and her Chapterettes attended the Big Easy Bash in New Orleans, and they took their own trip to Louisiana and met with several Sisters including Hatter of the Year, Queen Too Too.

Prissy Too, a gift from Queen Too Too, rested on Queen Susie’s lap while she talked. She was dressed in her New Year’s Outfit: a black and red dress with red glitter shoes, a red boa and, of course, a red hat with red and purple feathers; Just ONE of her many outfits. “I wish I could bring all of her clothes, but I don’t have room,” she said. Hatquarters staff joked that Prissy Too was going to have to get a carry bag all her own!

If you would like to learn more about the significance of the sock monkey to the Sisterhood, click here.

The ladies only stayed for about an hour, but they didn’t leave without first doing a quick fashion shoot, which will be featured in an upcoming blog. Be sure to look out for that! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit ladies! It was a lovely meeting you!

Are you interested in visiting Hatquarters?
Hatquarters loves to meet the wonderful Hatters and future Hatters of the Red Hat Society. If you are interested in visiting and taking a tour of Hatquarters, simply email or call us at 866-386-2850. 

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