Tuesday, January 24, 2012

She's A Star!!

Wanda, Queen of the Vivacious Vineyard known as the Concord Grapette Chapter (Arkansas, United States) is a natural celebrity. She submitted her story to Hatquarters as part of the Red Hat Society's on-going "I'm Famous" segment, and we just had to share it!

"My life, consisting of family, friends, church and community, has always been filled with a lot of excitement.  When I found The Red Hat Society eight years ago it brought even more excitement and activity into my life.

In Arkansas the local Red Hat Chapters hold an annual Ms. Arkansas Red Hat Pageant. In 2006
I won the title and enjoyed a full year of traveling to Chapters across the state to attend their local events and parades.  This allowed me to meet many, many Hatters all over the state and region where I made life-long friendships.  Not only do I attend several events sponsored by other Chapters within the state but each year I also attend at least one ‘out of state’ event. I am so happy that we have email and Facebook to help me keep in contact with the many friends I have made at these events."   

Queen of the Vivacious Vineyard and her Chapterettes volunteer at a local nursing home to bring cheer to the ladies, and they participate in answering phones for the Jerry Lewis MS Telethon each year.

"The Concord Grapettes are well known across the state and I feel I have helped with that notoriety," she said. "I have always been 'a little outside of the box.' So being a Red Hatter has added even more of that spirit into my life."

Wanda is also an excellent designer (as you can see from her photos). She has her own clothing collection, and she received recognition as one of the top three Hatters in costume at the 2011 Big Easy Bash International Convention. Her design skills don't stop at wardrobe though!  Her Coca Cola winter wonderland themed home has brought her quite a bit of notoriety as well! Wanda's home is like a beautiful winter museum that houses a collection of Coca Cola memorabilia that Wanda has accumulated over 20 years and stays decorated year-round. Each year local second graders tour her home for an annual Coca Cola and Christmas tour, and Wanda bakes 600 Coca Cola bottle shaped cookies for the children who also get to meet Santa (a tradition that started with her grandson).  This past year her home was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network show "Home Takeover with Simon and Tomas," and it received a kitchen and dining room makeover.

"What do you think? Am I famous or what??" Absolutely Queen Wanda! What a wonderful list of accomplishments, and these pictures are FABULOUS!! Thank you for sharing them!

"I'm Famous"

To get in the spirit of the 2012 RHS theme: "The Stars Among Us," the Red Hat Society has asked Members to share with us reasons they are famous so we can place them in the spotlight for being so amazing. We have received so many wonderful submissions at Hatquarters and we will continue to share them throughout the year in our Blog, on the Friday Broadcast, and other publications, including Inspiring Hatters and Red Hatter Matters. If you have a story you would like to share, be sure to submit it to Stories@redhatsociety.com with the title "I'm Famous." Send plenty of pictures as well!

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  1. Beautiful!! I just joined Red hats and looking forward to years of fun.

  2. Wanda, you are a STAR! and an example to all of us Members of the Red Hat Society. I think I might have to "borrow" some of your ideas. Thank you for the inspiration. Hope to meet you in Las Vegas in June.
    Who will you be?

  3. You look wonderful ! I love the Red Hats been one since 2005.Our chapter is the Dazzling Darlings, Lebanon , Tennessee
    Duchess of Fluff

  4. Queen B of Fun Tillys, Ontario, Canada thinks Wanda looks like a live doll. Beautiful. Absolutely Beautiful and those outfits are REDiculously wonderful with attention given to so much detail. Wanda is the ultimate RED HAT DIVA and should be saluted!