Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Queen Diva Janet and Big Girl

Queen Diva Janet, visited Hatquarters yesterday, and boy was she a bundle of laughs and fun! She was eager to chat with all of the gals at Hatquarters and excitedly shared this photo and cute story about her sock monkey "Big Girl" with us. Big Girl was a gift to her from fellow Hatter Jeanne Kenyon whom she had met up with for a day of fun in Los Angeles. Queen Diva Janet had taken a train and Dash to get to the city that day, so you can imagine the fun looks she got as she carried Big Girl on her trip home. "The woman at the bus stop just couldn't stop staring," Janet said.

Queen Diva had so much fun carrying Big Girl around that day that she now takes her everywhere! She has so much fun riding with her in her car, especially when she puts her in the front seat. "People driving by always do a double-take," Janet said. "Never in my life did I think that at my age, I would be buying clothes for and having so much fun with a sock monkey!"

How fun Queen Diva Janet, and what a wonderful gift!! Do you have a sock monkey story that you would like to share? Please submit it to, and post any pictures on the Red Hat Society Facebook Fan Page.

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