Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hatters Celebrate the Chinese New Year

Last week we received two stories of Chapters who celebrated the Chinese New Year in their respective cities, and the pictures were so cute that we had to share them with you.

The first day of the Chinese New Year was January 23, and the Blazing Hoku's Star Chapter (Hawaii, United States) held a fun outing, which included Dim Sum, games and prizes. RHS Member, Zen, submitted the story to Hatquarters and added, "The Red Hat Society does mean friendship and fun!" That's wonderful Zen! Thank you for submitting this great photo. 

While the Blazing Hoku's were celebrating in the Hawaiian Islands, the Wild Wacky Women of Texas (Texas United States) were celebrating on the Mainland at a "Year of the Dragon" festival. "We enjoyed Asian art and music, made paper lanterns and fed red envelopes to the dancing lions during the Glow-in-the-dark Dragon and Lion parade," shared Penny, the Queen of Good Times. "Exploring the foods of the festival was also part of the fun." The ladies were photographed more than once that evening, and they were applauded for their Red Hats and festive spirit. "Red Hatters easily stand out regardless of the size of the crowd or the kind of the occasion," Penny said. Look at these wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing Penny! 

Hatquarters Happenings

We are so excited that Hatters are embracing the year of the "Star Among Us." We have received so many wonderful "I'm Famous"stories and have been able to showcase different Hatters for the amazing women that they are. We will continue to do so through 2012, so please continue to submit those stories to Stories@redhatsociety.com. 

This year, Hatquarters began featuring a Queen of the Month on the Red Hat Society's Facebook Page. Tomorrow we will highlight a new Queen, so be sure to "LIKE" the page to learn more about this month's wonderful Hatter. 

Finally, this week the Red Hat Society is going to participate in "National Wear Red Day" to bring about awareness of the dangers of Heart Disease to Hatters around the world. We value every Hatter, and because Heart Disease is the number one killer of women, we believe it is important that women know the 5 signs of a heart and the ways they can reduce their risk. Join us as we turn www.redhatsociety.com red, and look for some great "Wear Red Day" photos from Hatquarters and Hatters around the world on our Facebook page. To learn more about heart disease and the different ways you can "Go Red", read the latest issue of  Red Hatter Matters

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  1. Did everyone know that "Hoku" means "Star?" Red Lanterns, glow-in-the dark dragons... so Red Hat! What a great chapter name to have during the "Stars Among Us!" themed year of 2012. It's good to see all your shining faces. I wondered what a chapter of Stars might look like. Now I know. Hello to you!