Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hatters On The Go!

Walk, ride or drive Hatters are always on the move! And once you become a Hatter, the colors red and purple, and pink and lavender look good on just about anything, including your transportation! Over the past few months, we have received some fabulous photos of Members whose transportation is just as Hatified as they are! From a 95 year old Hatter on a ruby red, three wheel motorcycle to two Hatters in a golf cart with a massive hat on it; RHS Sisters really know how to show their spirit.

Here are just a few of the fabulous photos that have been submitted by some wonderful ladies:

Myra Rose of the Vintage Girls of “Hysteric” Longwood (Florida, United States) is 95 years-old and full of spunk! Her daughter submitted this awesome photo of her on a ruby red three-wheel motorcycle for a day out in full Regalia! 

Thrifty Doreen’s husband knew that she was so passionate about the Red Hat Society that he decided to order her a custom Red Hat beach cruiser!  This Member of the Glitter Girls Chapter (Ontario, Canada) is now cruising around her neighborhood in true Red Hat style! 

Queen Louise and Vice Queen Kathy of The Ravishing Royal Damsels (Pennsylvania, United States) showed their RHS pride as they participated in their community parade in full regalia and a golf cart with a beautiful, large red and purple hat on it! 

It’s pictures like these that truly capture the spirit that is the Red Hat Society. There truly are no boundaries to the amount of fun that can be had within the Sisterhood. Every Member wears her colors with pride and they express a zealous passion for life! If you have blinged-out mode of transportation that you would like to share with Hatquarters, please feel free to submit your photos to Stories@redhatsociety.com, or you can load them to the Red Hat Society Facebook Fan Page.

Are you interested in becoming Red Hat Society Royalty?

There can never be too many RHS Chapters in any one area! If you are interested in becoming a Queen and reigning supreme in a Chapter in your community you click here and learn more about starting a Chapter. If you have a set group of girls that you would like to join your Chapter, that is wonderful! If not, there are several tools available to help recruit new Members for your Chapter on the Red Hat Society Website. You can use the EventsCalendar to find events and Members in your area, you can search for aChapter in your area, you can connect with Hatters on our Queens & Members Board, and you can meet thousands of Hatters at our 2012 GoldenAge of Glamour International Convention. Good luck and Happy Hatting!  

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