Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Hat-Tastic Gift!

Red Hat Society CEO, Debra Granich, Lady Bug, returned from her recent trip to Abbotsford, Canada with a wonderful surprise for Hatquarters. Evelyn, Queen of Glitz & Glamour of the Valley Red Haute’s (British Columbia, Canada) not only hosted Lady Bug during her trip, but she also made her a beautiful red and purple satin tree skirt with blinging jeweled hats, which is currently on display in the Hat-tastic lobby of Hatquarters!
Lady Bug was beaming as she unveiled this wonderful gift to the team, and words cannot describe how honored we were to receive such a heart-felt memento from the Queen of Glitz & Glamour. This tree skirt will be on display every holiday season, and it will serve as a reminder of the year of the Legacy. Thank you very much Evelyn for this wonderful end-cap to an amazing year!

The Red Hat Society believes that random acts of kindness are at the root of the Sisterhood. Hatters submit heart-warming stories daily about their experiences in the RHS and the kindness and friendship shown to them by fellow Hatters, and it’s random acts like these that keep the Society alive and thriving! This truly is a Society made up of some of the most amazing women in the world! But don’t just take our word for it! Read for yourself the Testimonials that have been provided by several Hatters that were submitted on our recently added Testimonials Page!
Are you interested in becoming a Member of the largest women’s society in the world? Click here to learn about how Membership in the Red Hat Society works. Become a Supporting Member of a local Chapter or a Queen of your own Chapter! Just email MemberServices@redhatsociety.com or call 866-FUN-AT-50 (Of course, you don’t have to be 50 to join. That’s why we have Pink Hatters!).

Gift of Membership
Do you know someone who would be a fabulous Member of the Red Hat Society? You can give them the Gift of Membership to the Red Hat Society. This is a perfect gift for the holidays that will not only brighten their day, but it could change their life!  


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