Thursday, December 8, 2011

DIY RHS Ornaments

Who doesn't love a good project? A few team members from Hatquarters stumbled upon two great DIY ornament projects on Pinterest that we had to share with you Hatters. We think these would make for great Holiday party or gift ideas.

These DIY projects were easy, quick and best of all... FUN!

(Left): Ruby's Pearl
What you need: One clear ornament, one box of red beads and some purple ribbon.

1. Fill the ornament as much as you can with red beads.
2. Make a bow with the purple ribbon through the loop on the top of the ornament.
3. String another piece of ribbon through the loop to hang the ornament on the tree, and either tie or glue the ends together.  (Optional: Secure the top of the ornament with a bit of hot glue if you feel it might be too heavy.)

(Right): 2011 RHS Sparkling Moments Ornament
What you need: One clear ornament, strips of red and purple paper, black marker, red ribbon.

1. Write down some memories that you have shared with your RHS Sisters in 2011.
2. Curl the strips of paper a bit and place them inside of the ornament. Once they are all in the ornament, shake and separate them to your desired appearance.
3. Replace the top and tie a bow through the loop with the red ribbon.
(Queens: Another thing you could do is create several of these ornaments with the names of your Chapterettes inside and give it to them as stocking stuffers!)

*Inspiration for these ornaments came from the following blogs:

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