Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Red Snappers Ring In the Holidays

The Holidays are here and Hatquarters is already receiving great stories of holiday Hativities! As you can see, we love to post stories with great pictures, and when we saw these photos, we just had to share them. Queen Mum Cheryl of the Red Snappers (British Columbia, Canada) wrote to Hatquarters about her Chapter’s Christmas potluck luncheon and Birthday celebration for Chapter Member Lady LaVern who turned “28.”

“We had 15 Red Snappers come out, and we all realized that there are fantastic cooks in our chapter!!!! We had candles for Lady La Vern, because she likes to say her age in reversed order, we put 28 on the cake! We wore our regular hats at the beginning of the luncheon and then later on some of us switched over to the Xmas hats we made recently. The celebration included couple of games along with goody bags, favors on the tables, and prizes for everyone on the raffle draws. Trying to figure out the carols that went along with the photos created a lot of laughs.”

 You Hatters are so crafty, and those Hats are too cute for words!! Please share with us how you made them so that we can include them in the Activities Collection. Queen Mum Cheryl also shared with us her Chapter motto, which was an old saying of her Chapter Member, Lady Giggle’s grandmother. “Common sense is good to have, but never let it master you, for then it might deprive you of the foolish things it’s fun to do.” We love this Queen Mum Cheryl! Thank you for sharing!

Do you have a fun story that you would like to share? Please submit it to Stories@redhatsociety.com.

RHS Events!

Hatquarters and RHS Queens and Members try to make each event as unique as possible, but events often include activities like dancing, a banquet evening, dining, laughter, storytelling and some sort of activity. The main focus of events is on having fun with your Red Hat sisters. Check out our past events photos here and be sure to take a look at the Events Calendar for a list of upcoming events.

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