Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Ravishing Experience at Tri State "T" 9

This week Hatquarters was lucky to receive the cutest recap of Tri-State “T” 9 from Queen of Quite A Lot, Diana, of the Purple, Red and Ravishing Chapter (California, United States). This event, which took place in Laughlin, Nevada was one of the many stop on Hatquarters’ worldwide road trip, and while CEO, Debra Granich and Hatquarters Liason, Laura Martin, Lady de Fleur came back with their great stories from this Chapter event, it’s always wonderful to read about the experiences from the Members’ points of view.

“October was a very busy, event filled month for Purple, Red and Ravishing with the big event and trip being the Laughlin Tri-State "T". Those of us who attended had a great time making new friends and visiting old friends.  We rented a big 12 passenger van so we could all travel together, and that in itself was fun. It was a white van and I put big Red Hat Society magnets on the driver and passenger doors.  We looked so official!

As we rolled up to the front of the Aquarius Casino and Hotel we noticed many Red Hatters waving at us so Queen Diana started honking the horn and more ladies joined in waving.  We looked so "official" pulling up we thought the other ladies must have thought it was the Exalted Queen Mother Sue Ellen or at the very least CEO Ladybug Debra. I hope they weren't too disappointed when we started piling out of the van!

First thing we did was hit the shopping district, and there were so many vendors with beautiful must-have items from jewelry to hats to clothing and much, much more. Then there were our Bra Hats, boy were they a hit, we got so many compliments and questions about them! Judy Hedges was our announcer, as soon as someone looked at us for more than a few seconds or commented about our hats Judy would say "it's a bra you know" and everyone would have a good laugh. 

This kind of big event is something every Red and Pink Hat lady needs to experience for herself. That being said I encourage all of you to really consider attending the RHS International Convention in Las Vegas in June 2012.”

Do you have stories and photos from events that you would like to share? E-mail stories@redhatsociety.com and be sure to look for your stories in future Friday Broadcasts or RHS Blogs. You can also LIKE the Red Hat Society on Facebook and share your photos there.

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