Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Golden Belles of Clarington Spruce Up Produce

Red Hat Society Members are some of the most talented and creative women out there, and Chapter gatherings can involve anything from costume parties, to pottery and painting parties, to pumpkin and vegetable decorating parties. That’s right, we said VEGETABLE DECORATING parties! During the month of October, Hatquarters received several pictures of pumpkins and scarecrows that had been blinged out in true Red Hat fashion. This month we received some really fun pictures from Queen Lady Jean of the Golden Belles of Clarington Red Hats (Ontario, Canada) whose Chapter hosted its own vegetable decorating competition.
The Golden Belles rented a covered area at a local park and hosted a “Decorate A Vegetable in a Red Hat” themed party.  The women used squash, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, sweet potatoes and cauliflower as the base vegetables for their creations and spruced them up with decorative items, including tulle, feathers, jewelry, boas, glue-on eyes and lips, and of course, little red hats! The Red Hat Veggies these ladies created were so special that we had to post them on our blog. From the Red Hat Squash Queen to the Red Onion Red Hat Queen and the Cauliflower bouquet made for a Red Hat Bride, these pictures are so much fun!

Whoever thought vegetables could be so festive? This is definitely an activity that we could include in the Activities Collection on the Red Hat Society Website. Can you imagine all of the creations we Hatters can submit? This is why we love getting new ideas! Photos and stories of other fun ideas can be submitted to Stories@redhatsociety.com.

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