Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Big D Re-Gals Make A Lasting Halloween Impression

Red and Pink Hatters are not only celebrities in the RHS, but they are often celebrities in their own cities. It’s rare to see a group of women who are so vibrant and full of life as the women in this Sisterhood, which is why it is only natural that their spirit causes such a celebrity-like frenzy! Queen Cynthia and the Big D Re-Gals of Dallas, Texas, recently discovered that they were famous with the employees of a local restaurant!

“We had a costume Halloween lunch at Babe's Chicken Dinner House for the fourth year in a row. The manager sat at our table to talk, and I asked where his costume was. I told him that the manager last year had dressed as a pimp in a purple suit and hat, and we took a picture of him with Spycee Jean, who was dressed as a dominatrix. He said that was his assistant manager and that our pictures are hanging in his office. He calls us ‘his girls.’

They even dressed their resident dummy in the purple suit this year, and within a few minutes, the dummy was rolled to the end of our table, and he kept us company and posed for pictures throughout our lunch. We also included him in this year's group picture.

We had a great time at Babe's again and hope to continue our Halloween tradition there.”

We’re sure Babe’s Chicken Dinner House can’t wait for Halloween 2012 ladies! Queen Cynthia submitted this wonderful story in response to a Facebook post from the RHS Mascot Ruby Redhat who interacts with Hatters on a daily basis. Ruby requested great Halloween photos and stories from Hatters this week, and Queen Cynthia obliged! If you would like to learn more about Ruby’s daily activities and ramblings, you can add her as a Friend on Facebook.  While you are there, LIKE the The Red Hat Society’s Facebook Fan Page!

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