Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Red Hat Paddling in Sisterhood

Hatquarters loves to receive stories of unique activities that Hatters are participating in. This awesome submission came from Queen Viola of the Jewels of the Desert Chapter (Nevada, United States), and we just had to share it!

Queen Viola and 18 Red Hatters from seven different Chapters in Nevada took to the water as they competed in the Rose Regatta Dragon Boat Race on October 8.  They came together in Sisterhood, fun, friendship and laughter and called themselves the Red Hat Paddlers, competing in their first dragon boat race to benefit breast cancer.

It was a lovely 80 degrees on race day at Lake Las Vegas, which worked out in the favor of the Red Hat Paddlers who had completed two practices in triple digit weather prior to the race. The ladies finished in second place in their first heat and third in their second heat. Of course there were only three boats to each heat, but that’s a minor detail. “We had so much fun,” Queen Viola said. “No one fell out of the boat, and we not only finished one race, but we competed in two!” The Paddlers far exceeded their expectations, and were shocked to learn that their second race had even timed better than their first.

Queen Viola and the participating Hatters were awarded the trophy for the Best Spirited Group, and much to their surprise, they qualified for one more race later in the afternoon. However, at this point several members of the group had already left or went to the Village for lunch, and the remaining paddlers had to scramble to round everyone back up.  They even drafted members from their cheering section to fill seats and help them complete their THIRD race of the day!

“We could have stopped at crossing the Dragon Boat off of our Bucket List, but we laughed so much all weekend that we forgot all about the pain, and we are looking forward to our race next year,” Queen Viola said. The Red Hat Paddlers have already recruited a full boat of participants for 2012 and are hoping to fill another!

Congratulations on completing your paddling adventure Red Hat Paddlers and way to rock that Red Hat spirit!!

Do you have a story to share? If so, submit it to stories@redhatsociety.com.
What’s the scoop on husbands at Red Hat events? Who do we dance with?
As much as we love our husbands and male companions, The Red Hat Society is all about its women! Our Hatters can certainly bring their significant other as a travel companion, but they will not be allowed to participate in RHS events. We truly support each other in our mission of fun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment and fitness, and we want to ensure that every Hatter feels not only secure, but we want her to feel as though she is the center of attention in the environment we are creating for her. Check out our PastEvents page on the RHS website to get a good idea of what RHS events are like! 
As far as dancing goes, we can assure you that there will be hundreds of fellow Hatters ready to boogie with you!  Speaking of boogie, our Golden Age of Glamour 2012 Convention is quickly approaching, and it is sure to be THE show-stopper on the strip! Check our website to learn more about this star-studded event!

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