Thursday, October 13, 2011

Queen Mum Crosses Another One Off Her Bucket List!

Susann, Queen Mum of Ruby's Scarlet O'Hatters (Pennsylvania, United States), graciously strolled through the doors of Hatquarters this past Friday in her vibrant regalia, and THE most adorable Red Hat shoes! Queen Mum was smiling from ear-to-ear as she took a personal tour of Hatquarters and examined the wide array of regalia and bling displayed in the Hatquarters lobby.

Originally from California, Queen Mum currently resides in Pennsylvania, and upon planning a trip to Northern and Southern California, she decided she HAD to check an item off her bucket list and fit in a trip to Hatquarters! She was so bubbly and cute as she shared stories about her lovely Scarlet O’Hatters and their outings. One story that stood out was a trip to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival where she and her gals dressed in full regalia and stole the show! They were the center of attention as RenFest guests asked them to pose for pictures, and they even attracted so much attention that the Queen of the festival made it a point to meet them.

We love to hear about Hatters being treated like the royalty they are!! Thank you so much for gracing us with your lovely smile and sweet stories Queen Mum! It was so wonderful to meet you!

London's Calling!
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