Friday, October 28, 2011

The Pure Joy of Hatting

Hatquarters always loves to hear feedback from new Members about their experiences in the Sisterhood. This story was submitted by Duchess Sue of Ruby RedHat's Ramblers who recently joined the Red Hat Society, and after a bit of trial and error, found the perfect Chapter for her:

"Today I went on my first official outing with some of the ladies in the group. Our Queen and seven other ladies met at a local and very popular look-out and we had lunch. We were approached by one of the waitresses who said several other customers were asking who we were, and she went away with a couple of our Queen's business cards and the explanation that we are an international Sisterhood of (mainly) over 50's women who meet regularly and grow old disgracefully while having the best fun we can. It is truly wonderful to see people's reactions when we appear in public wearing our purple clothes and red hats of all shapes and sizes.

I have only been a Red Hatter for two months, but I have four wide brimmed red hats, two red berets (one felt and one sparkly sequined), a red sparkly Stetson, two newsboy hats in red and one in burgundy, plus a miniature red hat fascinator on a headband. I also have a deep purple felt beret, deep purple knitted beanie style hat and medium shade purple fascinator. This is besides the bling I have acquired - including several necklace/earring sets, a couple of bracelets and nearly 12 bling brooches/pins, which I wear on a long red scarf with purple leopard spots on it. I get such a buzz telling people all about the Red Hat Society and I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for making it possible for me to have so much fun. The great thing is - I'VE ONLY JUST STARTED!!!!! I am 60 on November 10th, and I have been warmly welcomed by my new Chapter."

Thank you for sharing this story with us Duchess Sue and Happy Upcoming Birthday to you! If you would like to submit a story of your experiences with the Red Hat Society, email: If you are interested in joining this amazing Sisterhood, visit or call 866-FUN-AT-50.

Exploring Different Chapters and Events
Members of The Red Society have the freedom to do and go as they please within the Sisterhood. If a Member would like to meet with multiple Chapters or attend different Chapter events, she is more than welcome to do so. The Red Hat Society Events Calendar located at,, is the perfect place to post or find events happening in your area and meet your local Sisters. You must be a Supporting Member to view this calendar. Click here for more benefits of Membership.

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