Thursday, October 6, 2011

A-MAZE-ing Red Hatters!

Queen Sandy of the Chief Mountain Red Hat Southern Belles (Alberta, Canada) and her ladies recently had a unique outing! We’ll let her tell the story in her own words:

“It was supposed to be our fall chapter outing of fun and laughter with our Hostess Countess De’ Crochet Anna planning it all.  We will certainly look back on our ‘misfortunes’ of the day with laughter! We carpooled to Park Lake for a Pot Luck Picnic, carried all our goodies to a picnic table, a red cover over the table, the food set out on another table…and that’s when they arrived - without a sound! Wasps!! They landed on everyone and everything on that table!  As we filled our plates, waving our hands and quick to cover the dishes again, we tried to sit at the table to enjoy our feast but that soon became impossible,   We got up, moved around while eating and that seemed to help!  It was a frustrating time but we also had to laugh at ourselves and those ‘body moves’ to dodge a nasty bite!! The walk to the lake and back again didn’t get rid of those pesky wasps. Over the course of time we spent in the Park, 4 Red Hat Ladies were bitten! Those buggers hurt too! By the time we reached the Corn Maize everyone seemed to be ok.

Are we having fun yet??  Of course!  We take it all in stride and find humor in all things, it’s what Red Hatting is all about!  Experience life!  We do that so well, don’t you think? 
The Trivia Maze was just a tease, the questions with directions were easy and we made it through in 10 minutes!  Now we were pumped!  On to the Big Maize!  My gosh, that corn is so high makes you want to sing about Oklahoma - as high as an elephants eye!! We walked and walked, lost sight of the tower and every path ended in a dead end or we walked in circles!  We split up hoping someone would find the way, met others again and again (strangers no more) as they were as lost as we were!  Seemed like Hours we were in that maize. We simply had to find the tower and yell for help!! We did and they did and when we got to the base of the tower, there sat the rest of our Red Hat Ladies sitting on hay bales in the shade, laughing at us!!  They wanted to know what the prize was for getting out first!  HA! We happened to overhear they had to have help getting out too! It was time for Ice Cream and cooling down!
Thanks to our Hostess for a well planned outing and we don’t hold her responsible for the wasps or getting lost!” What a story! Thanks for sharing, Sandy!

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