Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Inspiring Pinkies!

The month of October is dedicated to our Pink Hatters, and we have received some wonderful stories from Chapters about their fabulous Pinkies. Here’s a story we’d like to share with you from Queen Bitsy of Red Mums Royal Jesters (Ohio, United States) about the Pinkie in her Chapter who inspires her:
“I want to introduce you to one of our Pinkies, Princess Crafty Momma.  She has been with our chapter for four years and during that time, she has inspired us to be better women due to her loving spirit.
Princess Crafty Momma was reluctant to join the Red Hat Society. She said ‘No thank you’ to joining each time she was asked.  She gave reasons such as she is too busy with her husband...his health kept him in and out of hospitals and doctor visits...her daughter was in college and still living at home...her church...she didn't like wearing a hat....There were numerous reasons she WAS NOT GOING TO JOIN! But, eventually, I convinced her that she needed time for herself and it was only one Saturday a month. She has only missed one jesting (we don't have meetings, that's too boring) in all four years, earning her a special attendance charm in June of this year. She even attends other Chapters’ luncheons, including a couple of funerals in her pink hat!  
Her own health deteriorated in December causing her to have life saving surgery, then in March, her husband of 24 years died.
Despite her numerous obstacles, she remains a loving, giving, smiling and caring woman to be admired for her strength. We all ‘tip our Red hats’ to her!”
Princess Crafty Momma, we are tipping our hats to you at Hatquarters as well! Thanks Queen Bitsy for sharing this great story!  We love to receive stories about the amazing women that are the Red Hat Society! If you have a story that you would like to share, please submit it to: stories@redhatsociety.com

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