Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hatters Glitz It Up Island Style!

Aloha! Kay Smith, Vice Queen and Scrapper, of the Makaha Red Hatters (Oahu, Hawaii,United States) recently submitted some awesome photos from their Vegas-style gathering “Putting on the Glitz,” which took place at the annual Hoolaulea State Convention at the Japanese Cultural Center's grand ballroom on October 15th. Some celebrity guests spotted in the crowd included Shirley Temple, Tiny Tim, Mae West, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Daine Ross, and of course Elvis! The ladies had a grand time as they danced the afternoon away to the jamming "Oldies & Goodies" band.

Thank you for submitting these great photos Kay!

Hatquarters loves to receive photos from all of our Hatters’ wonderful events, and we have so many mediums in which you can send them! Email them to Stories@redhatsociety.com or LIKE The Red Hat Society on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedHatSocietyPage and submit your photos on our Wall. You can also FRIEND Ruby RedHat while you’re there to learn about all of the fun things the Red Hat Society’s lovely mascot has been up to lately!

The Red Hat Society is a Social Medium in and of itself, why Facebook?

As the largest women’s society in the world, The Red Hat Society, wants to continue its Legacy and reach out to as many potential Queens and Members as possible through various avenues. Not only is this a great way for us to connect with our Members, but it’s a way for people who have never heard of the Red Hat Society to learn the many things our Members do, and hopefully  inspire them to become Hatters themselves. Facebook is also a great way for our Members to share the experience of being Hatters with their friends by LIKING and SHARING our Facebook posts daily.

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