Friday, October 28, 2011

The Pure Joy of Hatting

Hatquarters always loves to hear feedback from new Members about their experiences in the Sisterhood. This story was submitted by Duchess Sue of Ruby RedHat's Ramblers who recently joined the Red Hat Society, and after a bit of trial and error, found the perfect Chapter for her:

"Today I went on my first official outing with some of the ladies in the group. Our Queen and seven other ladies met at a local and very popular look-out and we had lunch. We were approached by one of the waitresses who said several other customers were asking who we were, and she went away with a couple of our Queen's business cards and the explanation that we are an international Sisterhood of (mainly) over 50's women who meet regularly and grow old disgracefully while having the best fun we can. It is truly wonderful to see people's reactions when we appear in public wearing our purple clothes and red hats of all shapes and sizes.

I have only been a Red Hatter for two months, but I have four wide brimmed red hats, two red berets (one felt and one sparkly sequined), a red sparkly Stetson, two newsboy hats in red and one in burgundy, plus a miniature red hat fascinator on a headband. I also have a deep purple felt beret, deep purple knitted beanie style hat and medium shade purple fascinator. This is besides the bling I have acquired - including several necklace/earring sets, a couple of bracelets and nearly 12 bling brooches/pins, which I wear on a long red scarf with purple leopard spots on it. I get such a buzz telling people all about the Red Hat Society and I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for making it possible for me to have so much fun. The great thing is - I'VE ONLY JUST STARTED!!!!! I am 60 on November 10th, and I have been warmly welcomed by my new Chapter."

Thank you for sharing this story with us Duchess Sue and Happy Upcoming Birthday to you! If you would like to submit a story of your experiences with the Red Hat Society, email: If you are interested in joining this amazing Sisterhood, visit or call 866-FUN-AT-50.

Exploring Different Chapters and Events
Members of The Red Society have the freedom to do and go as they please within the Sisterhood. If a Member would like to meet with multiple Chapters or attend different Chapter events, she is more than welcome to do so. The Red Hat Society Events Calendar located at,, is the perfect place to post or find events happening in your area and meet your local Sisters. You must be a Supporting Member to view this calendar. Click here for more benefits of Membership.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hatters Glitz It Up Island Style!

Aloha! Kay Smith, Vice Queen and Scrapper, of the Makaha Red Hatters (Oahu, Hawaii,United States) recently submitted some awesome photos from their Vegas-style gathering “Putting on the Glitz,” which took place at the annual Hoolaulea State Convention at the Japanese Cultural Center's grand ballroom on October 15th. Some celebrity guests spotted in the crowd included Shirley Temple, Tiny Tim, Mae West, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Daine Ross, and of course Elvis! The ladies had a grand time as they danced the afternoon away to the jamming "Oldies & Goodies" band.

Thank you for submitting these great photos Kay!

Hatquarters loves to receive photos from all of our Hatters’ wonderful events, and we have so many mediums in which you can send them! Email them to or LIKE The Red Hat Society on Facebook: and submit your photos on our Wall. You can also FRIEND Ruby RedHat while you’re there to learn about all of the fun things the Red Hat Society’s lovely mascot has been up to lately!

The Red Hat Society is a Social Medium in and of itself, why Facebook?

As the largest women’s society in the world, The Red Hat Society, wants to continue its Legacy and reach out to as many potential Queens and Members as possible through various avenues. Not only is this a great way for us to connect with our Members, but it’s a way for people who have never heard of the Red Hat Society to learn the many things our Members do, and hopefully  inspire them to become Hatters themselves. Facebook is also a great way for our Members to share the experience of being Hatters with their friends by LIKING and SHARING our Facebook posts daily.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Red Hat Paddling in Sisterhood

Hatquarters loves to receive stories of unique activities that Hatters are participating in. This awesome submission came from Queen Viola of the Jewels of the Desert Chapter (Nevada, United States), and we just had to share it!

Queen Viola and 18 Red Hatters from seven different Chapters in Nevada took to the water as they competed in the Rose Regatta Dragon Boat Race on October 8.  They came together in Sisterhood, fun, friendship and laughter and called themselves the Red Hat Paddlers, competing in their first dragon boat race to benefit breast cancer.

It was a lovely 80 degrees on race day at Lake Las Vegas, which worked out in the favor of the Red Hat Paddlers who had completed two practices in triple digit weather prior to the race. The ladies finished in second place in their first heat and third in their second heat. Of course there were only three boats to each heat, but that’s a minor detail. “We had so much fun,” Queen Viola said. “No one fell out of the boat, and we not only finished one race, but we competed in two!” The Paddlers far exceeded their expectations, and were shocked to learn that their second race had even timed better than their first.

Queen Viola and the participating Hatters were awarded the trophy for the Best Spirited Group, and much to their surprise, they qualified for one more race later in the afternoon. However, at this point several members of the group had already left or went to the Village for lunch, and the remaining paddlers had to scramble to round everyone back up.  They even drafted members from their cheering section to fill seats and help them complete their THIRD race of the day!

“We could have stopped at crossing the Dragon Boat off of our Bucket List, but we laughed so much all weekend that we forgot all about the pain, and we are looking forward to our race next year,” Queen Viola said. The Red Hat Paddlers have already recruited a full boat of participants for 2012 and are hoping to fill another!

Congratulations on completing your paddling adventure Red Hat Paddlers and way to rock that Red Hat spirit!!

Do you have a story to share? If so, submit it to
What’s the scoop on husbands at Red Hat events? Who do we dance with?
As much as we love our husbands and male companions, The Red Hat Society is all about its women! Our Hatters can certainly bring their significant other as a travel companion, but they will not be allowed to participate in RHS events. We truly support each other in our mission of fun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment and fitness, and we want to ensure that every Hatter feels not only secure, but we want her to feel as though she is the center of attention in the environment we are creating for her. Check out our PastEvents page on the RHS website to get a good idea of what RHS events are like! 
As far as dancing goes, we can assure you that there will be hundreds of fellow Hatters ready to boogie with you!  Speaking of boogie, our Golden Age of Glamour 2012 Convention is quickly approaching, and it is sure to be THE show-stopper on the strip! Check our website to learn more about this star-studded event!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Queen Mum Crosses Another One Off Her Bucket List!

Susann, Queen Mum of Ruby's Scarlet O'Hatters (Pennsylvania, United States), graciously strolled through the doors of Hatquarters this past Friday in her vibrant regalia, and THE most adorable Red Hat shoes! Queen Mum was smiling from ear-to-ear as she took a personal tour of Hatquarters and examined the wide array of regalia and bling displayed in the Hatquarters lobby.

Originally from California, Queen Mum currently resides in Pennsylvania, and upon planning a trip to Northern and Southern California, she decided she HAD to check an item off her bucket list and fit in a trip to Hatquarters! She was so bubbly and cute as she shared stories about her lovely Scarlet O’Hatters and their outings. One story that stood out was a trip to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival where she and her gals dressed in full regalia and stole the show! They were the center of attention as RenFest guests asked them to pose for pictures, and they even attracted so much attention that the Queen of the festival made it a point to meet them.

We love to hear about Hatters being treated like the royalty they are!! Thank you so much for gracing us with your lovely smile and sweet stories Queen Mum! It was so wonderful to meet you!

London's Calling!
Don't forget there are only TWO days left to take the trip of a lifetime! Ring in the New Year in London  at a private party EXCLUSIVELY for Hatters, explore the magnificent sites and march in one of the most widely viewed parades in the WORLD!! It's getting down to the wire ladies!  Don't miss out on this wonderful eight-day trip with your Sisters! Click here for more details.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Inspiring Pinkies!

The month of October is dedicated to our Pink Hatters, and we have received some wonderful stories from Chapters about their fabulous Pinkies. Here’s a story we’d like to share with you from Queen Bitsy of Red Mums Royal Jesters (Ohio, United States) about the Pinkie in her Chapter who inspires her:
“I want to introduce you to one of our Pinkies, Princess Crafty Momma.  She has been with our chapter for four years and during that time, she has inspired us to be better women due to her loving spirit.
Princess Crafty Momma was reluctant to join the Red Hat Society. She said ‘No thank you’ to joining each time she was asked.  She gave reasons such as she is too busy with her husband...his health kept him in and out of hospitals and doctor visits...her daughter was in college and still living at home...her church...she didn't like wearing a hat....There were numerous reasons she WAS NOT GOING TO JOIN! But, eventually, I convinced her that she needed time for herself and it was only one Saturday a month. She has only missed one jesting (we don't have meetings, that's too boring) in all four years, earning her a special attendance charm in June of this year. She even attends other Chapters’ luncheons, including a couple of funerals in her pink hat!  
Her own health deteriorated in December causing her to have life saving surgery, then in March, her husband of 24 years died.
Despite her numerous obstacles, she remains a loving, giving, smiling and caring woman to be admired for her strength. We all ‘tip our Red hats’ to her!”
Princess Crafty Momma, we are tipping our hats to you at Hatquarters as well! Thanks Queen Bitsy for sharing this great story!  We love to receive stories about the amazing women that are the Red Hat Society! If you have a story that you would like to share, please submit it to:

Join Today!

The Red Hat Society encourages women from all walks of life to pursue fun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment and fitness together. Whether you are looking to Hat monthly, weekly or even daily, you will find fun ways to immerse yourself in the largest women’s society in the world! The Red Hat Society gives its Queens and Supporting Members access to the Event Calendar, which is filled with activities happening in your local area and around the world. Our own group forums, QMB and QMB2 connect you with fellow Queens and Hatters 24 hours a day, seven days a week; You will also have access to exclusive events and promotions from partners coordinated for Members Only through Hatquarters. The Red Hat Society wants to provide you with information about so many opportunities to have fun that you will have to pencil in your day-to-day activities around your Hatting! Please feel free to visit our
FAQs page to learn more. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A-MAZE-ing Red Hatters!

Queen Sandy of the Chief Mountain Red Hat Southern Belles (Alberta, Canada) and her ladies recently had a unique outing! We’ll let her tell the story in her own words:

“It was supposed to be our fall chapter outing of fun and laughter with our Hostess Countess De’ Crochet Anna planning it all.  We will certainly look back on our ‘misfortunes’ of the day with laughter! We carpooled to Park Lake for a Pot Luck Picnic, carried all our goodies to a picnic table, a red cover over the table, the food set out on another table…and that’s when they arrived - without a sound! Wasps!! They landed on everyone and everything on that table!  As we filled our plates, waving our hands and quick to cover the dishes again, we tried to sit at the table to enjoy our feast but that soon became impossible,   We got up, moved around while eating and that seemed to help!  It was a frustrating time but we also had to laugh at ourselves and those ‘body moves’ to dodge a nasty bite!! The walk to the lake and back again didn’t get rid of those pesky wasps. Over the course of time we spent in the Park, 4 Red Hat Ladies were bitten! Those buggers hurt too! By the time we reached the Corn Maize everyone seemed to be ok.

Are we having fun yet??  Of course!  We take it all in stride and find humor in all things, it’s what Red Hatting is all about!  Experience life!  We do that so well, don’t you think? 
The Trivia Maze was just a tease, the questions with directions were easy and we made it through in 10 minutes!  Now we were pumped!  On to the Big Maize!  My gosh, that corn is so high makes you want to sing about Oklahoma - as high as an elephants eye!! We walked and walked, lost sight of the tower and every path ended in a dead end or we walked in circles!  We split up hoping someone would find the way, met others again and again (strangers no more) as they were as lost as we were!  Seemed like Hours we were in that maize. We simply had to find the tower and yell for help!! We did and they did and when we got to the base of the tower, there sat the rest of our Red Hat Ladies sitting on hay bales in the shade, laughing at us!!  They wanted to know what the prize was for getting out first!  HA! We happened to overhear they had to have help getting out too! It was time for Ice Cream and cooling down!
Thanks to our Hostess for a well planned outing and we don’t hold her responsible for the wasps or getting lost!” What a story! Thanks for sharing, Sandy!

Tidbits from Hatquarters
As we mentioned on Tuesday, Hatquarters sends out several emails exclusively to our Supporting Members! The Tidbits From Hatquarters newsletter is not only popular, but helpful as well!
Tidbits From Hatquarters gives you tips on getting the most out of your Membership, ideas from other Hatters, and a quick update about any recent RHS news! This is a great place for new Members to find out more about the Society, and for long-time Members to get re-inspired!
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As an extra bonus, both the Tidbits From Hatquarters and Inspiring Hatters are archived on the RHS site, so any Supporting Member can read them at any time! You can get caught up on months of inspiration and Hattitude once you join!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Red Hat Pirates!

RHS Ambassadors Ann (Queen of the Desert Ya Ya’s of Arizona, United States)  and JoAnn  (Queen of the Flaming Fedoras, Arizona, United States) met at the Raintree Forrest Arizona Mills To Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Ann says, “We had a great time with twelve other Red Hatters—four from JoAnn’s chapter and five from mine, plus three guests. After lunch we played a game called LRC for chocolate coins which we put into a chest.  I‘m ready to do it next year!”  Thanks for showing us your picture, ladies, and we’re so glad you had fun!

Inspiring Hatters!

Did you know that Hatquarters sends out exclusive emails to Supporting Members? It’s another benefit of Supporting Membership!

One of the most popular emails is Inspiring Hatters; this newsletter focuses on the stories of real women who are inspiring others and making the world a better place! They may do something as big as donating a kidney to an RHS sister, or as small as passing along a sock monkey to someone who needs a pick-me-up: every bit of inspiration is important and matters a lot! 
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