Thursday, September 8, 2011

Take Them Out to the Ballgame

Marilyn, a Red Hat Society Ambassador and Queen, and her Red Hat Vintage Ladies (Arizona, United States) decided to catch a baseball game!

Marilyn writes, “We descended on the Kino Sports Complex to watch the Padres and Colorado play. My lovely lady Karen aka Princess Turtle planned the event and gathered 30 other guests representing 5 chapters. We had Hamburgers and Hot Dogs in the hospitality suite before the game. Our hubbys were also invited for this fun evening.

We played ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’ on our kazoos at the seventh inning. The crowd loved us! Give Red Hatters a place to gather and they will have fun! (By the way, the Padres won 6-1!)”

Get Ready to Share the Hat!

We want to cover the world with encouragement from the wonderful and empowering women that make up the Red Hat Society! Join us on September 12, 2011 and give a Share the Hat card to anyone, female or male, who deserves to be acknowledged for doing something wonderful, kind or thoughtful for you, someone you know or someone who has made an impact in the world. Consider your caring message on the Share the Hat card as a way to recognize good in others that might have gone unnoticed. It is our hope that through this simple act of kindness, more and more phenomenal women will be inspired to join us in our quest to (tongue in cheek) take over the world!

The team at Hatquarters believes that the "magic" that is brought about by our symbolic Red Hat is something that should be shared. The feelings of fun, friendship, freedom and fulfillment of lifelong dreams are powerful and the joy in receiving that gift is universal. With this concept in mind, we have created a special card that you can download that will provide you with a way to share the magic in the hat with all that you come in contact with. Use it as a way to empower a stranger, recognize a Sister or thank a neighbor. It's simple.

   1. Print the cards and wait for the opportunity to recognize someone.

   2. Write an anonymous note "filling their pot" with why they deserve some of the RHS magic.

This is your opportunity to show someone that you think they are a STAR!

We Hatters are grateful, observant women willing to acknowledge goodness when we see it. While it's not practical to actually give someone a real hat, we can easily give them a little note with our heartfelt expressions. We will make these Share the Hat cards available all year for your use. We would love to hear your stories about how this sharing impacts your lives. Please email your stories and pictures to

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