Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Fair Affair

The Sugar Plum Girls (Tennessee, United States) were asked to create a booth at their county fair to promote this year’s fair theme: "Hat's off to Wilson County!" 

Chapterette Mary writes, “I believe our girls went above and beyond what they were called to do as you can see below.  We are in a competition for best booth and are honorary marshals in this year’s parade.”

What a lovely display!

Lucky to be in London!
Who knew we would get invited to London again and in such an auspicious year? 2012 will be significant in so many ways: it’s the beginning of London’s Cultural Olympiad, the first official event of London’s Olympic Year, and the first celebration in Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration! The upcoming New Year’sDay Parade (an internationally famous event, broadcast on TV around the world!) is sure to be spectacular! There’s nothing quite like seeing a flock of Hatters dressed to the nines parading through the streets of London as their adoring fans cheer them on! You’ll want to be part of this experience, and remember, this is the one event where you can invite your friends and family to be part of the fun! What are you waiting for? Sign up to join us in London!

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  1. ... wish I could sign up ... *sigh* ... but we English Ladies can't yet, can we ... Don't even know how much it will cost and what we can sign up for ... *double sigh*