Thursday, August 25, 2011

Biking Beauties
Queen Marie of the Crimson Brims (Saskatchewan, Canada) writes, “Twenty-nine Red Hatters from Saskatchewan took part in the parade by riding the ‘Big Bike’ for heart health and stroke awareness. They raised $4,600 for the Heart and Stroke Association in pledges. The young men who steered the bike wore red hats and purple shirts as well. There was a huge red heart appliqué on the back of the shirt which said ‘Keep it pumping.’ After the parade the Red Hatters enjoyed lunch at a downtown hotel.” Way to go, ladies!

The Red Hat Society never requires any Hatter to donate to or raise funds for any charity; however, Hatters are free to participate if they like! If any individual chapter wishes to participate in charitable events in regalia as part of their chapter activities, we ask that they do so in their chapter name and mention that they are a part of the Red Hat Society, rather than identifying themselves in the name of the Society as a whole.

Ready, Set, Action!
We’re always eager to find new ways of sharing our Hattitude with the world! To help with this, we’ve created a new page on the Red Hat Society website devoted to our online videos! You can not only view all of our videos (and check back often, we post new videos frequently!), but you can share them with friends via Facebook and Twitter, and email them with the click of a button!
Golden Age of Glamour
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
June 28-July 1, 2012
It’s time to pack up your hatboxes, book your flights and join us! Las Vegas has been called the Entertainment Capital of the World, and has been the backdrop for many films and television shows. Celebrities have been flocking there as their desert resort “getaway” for decades, which is why it is the perfect setting for our 2012 International Convention!
Read about the convention here! Register here!

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