Thursday, August 4, 2011

An Adventure!

Eileen, Queen of the Red Hattitude Gals (Pennsylvania, United States) and Margalit (Queen of the Spunky Old Broads, Pennsylvania, United States) had an adventure!

Eileen writes, “We went to the NBC studios yesterday to be a part of the audience and had a BLAST joining some other local hatters...we even got gifties!” What a fun idea for an outing!

“Queen Councils – What are they for?”

Queens Council gatherings are benevolent groups made up of active Red Hat Society ChapterQueens, Co-Queens, Vice Queens or those thinking about becoming a Queen. They meet at-will or on a regular basis to make new friends, share ideas, to provide mentoring, plan and coordinate events, give feedback to Hatquarters and to network.  The position of leadership in these groups may be held by one Queen or by several Queens in rotation. Registered Queens with Supporting Members of the Red Hat Society are welcome to attend; these events are usually listed on the Member-exclusive Online EventCalendar.

Members of a Queens Council are not employees of the RHS or RHS policy makers.  Joining a Queens Council is perfect for the new Queen. It’s also a great tool for the long time Queen to help her bring fresh ideas back to her chapter. And Queen Councils are just one more Red Hat way to make new friends!

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