Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Worldwide Hoot Day Was A Success!

Hatters from far and wide went out in their signature colors on June 25 to celebrate Worldwide Hoot Day! Queen Janie of the Red Hot Chili Pepperettes (Nevada, United States), writes, "Members of more than a dozen Nevada chapters were represented in sparkling style against the breathtaking backdrop of flowers, flora and fauna in this beautiful setting! We met and distributed purple die cut owl cards that said: ‘Red Hatters give a Hoot in Las Vegas!’ It was a great day of sisterhood, hugs and giggles and a new set of friends to shmooze and make new memories with! It was really a beautiful hoot and a sight to behold for chapter members and guests of the Bellagio who were anxious to share in our picture perfect morning! It was DEFINITELY A HOOT and made us proud to be Red Hatters!"

The Red Hat Angels (British Columbia, Canada) had a blast at their Hoot, too! Queen Merville says, "On Worldwide Hoot Day our local chapter decided to visit a local winery, The Church and State Winery located just up the road from the world famous Butcharts Gardens. We went to see the bird show, shop and eat lunch as well as drink a little bit of the grape too. As only a few from our group showed up we had a great time sharing more personal information with each other than we would usually have had a chance to do. Plus while there we got to hand out some RHS cards to two ladies who were interested in joining our disorganization which was an added bonus to our outing! The weather was not as hot as I am sure your Southern California Hoot was but at least it didn't rain!"

In Orange, California, Hatquarters hosted a lively hoot with hundreds in attendance to shop, mingle, and watch the fantastic entertainment! What a day! 

“Why should I start my own chapter instead of joining an existing chapter?”
By starting your own chapter, you’re not only doing something wonderful for yourself, you’re also providing something that other women need! You can see how many chapters are in your area by clicking here: if there are few chapters near you, it’s a sure bet that other women are looking for a chapter to join, too! You can become a Queen by registering a new chapter on the RHS website for only $39 US per year (which includes your individual Membership for $20 and the chapter registratation for $19 US), or by calling Member Services. Gathering your chapter is easy!
1. Attract attention. For many Queens, it’s enough just to go around town in their regalia: people will ask questions! Some Queens have also put signs on their car windows, posted fliers in public places, or put signs on their lawns, advertising for new members.
2. Help new Members sign up. Make sure all new Hatters are official RHS Members! They can sign up easily on the RHS website, just make sure they have your chapter number. Again, Member Services is always happy to help your chapterettes sign up!
3. Let the fun begin! Many chapters like to hold a simple preliminary tea or meal to allow new Hatters to mingle, chat, and decide on future events. However you decide to organize it is up to you!

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