Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reduation alert!

The Old Bats with Red Hats (Oregon, United States) proudly added a new Red Hatter to their ranks recently! Queen Kathleen and Empress Darcy write, “Lady Laura, formerly a Pink Hatter, celebrated The Birthday in style with her Chapterettes. For the celebration, Empress Darcy read a Reduation poem she wrote in honor of the occasion. With a wave of her scepter, Queen Mother Kathleen bestowed Lady Laura with a new red hat and purple cape." 

"Lady Laura read a poem to the Chapter about turning 50.  Next, the Chapter read Linda Murphy's Reduation poem out loud and in unison to mark the auspicious occasion. After that, Queen Mother Kathleen gave Lady Laura a few gifts (a purple and red-feathered fan, a red hat coin purse, and a Red Hats Only parking space marker)." 

"We concluded the event by having a tea in honor of the Reduation. It's been five years since we celebrated the last Reduation, so these special events are few and far between and very precious to us!” Congratulations Laura! Wear your red hat proudly!

Can I give someone the gift of Membership? 
Absolutely! Do you have a friend who has a special day coming up? Know someone who needs more fun in her life? Make her a Member of the Red Hat Society! It's easy to do. Visit the RHS website for details, or if you prefer, just call Hatquarters and mention that you’d like to purchase a Gift Membership: the ladies in Member Services will be happy to help!

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