Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Gift to Remember
Hatquarters received a lovely email from Elizabeth, also known as Queen Agave, of the Ruby RitaTinis (Florida, United States)! “I just wanted to say that I am regretting not being able to go to the Big Bash. New Orleans was where I was given my first Red Hat for my Big 50 birthday celebration! My sister-in-law and I had said we would celebrate our birthdays jointly in New Orleans almost 6 years ago for Mardi Gras. My birthday is in December and hers is in March, so we decided Mardi Gras would be in-between. She was already an RHS Member, and a few of her girls came to the party. So on our first night there a group of about 40 friends and relatives and Red Hatters met for a pre-dinner social. And what did they do?  They Hatted me!!! It was great, and I was an honorary member of their group. They sent me home to start my own chapter and shortly after I became Queen of the Ruby RitaTini's, Queen Agave to those who know me. One of the best things that ever happened! 
So to all of you going there for the big celebration, ENJOY and see if you can hat a few more girls there! Love you all and thanks for the memories!”
What a fantastic idea! The gift of Queenship is perfect for any woman who’s looking for more fun in life! 
“What sort of women become Queen? What if I’m not Queen material?”
Red Hat Society Queens come from all sorts of backgrounds and personalities! Some Queens are boisterous types, outgoing and eager to chat with everyone they meet. Others are quieter, more reserved, devoted to the friendship they’ve created within their chapters. The main quality that all Queens share is a desire to unite the women around them in fun and friendship. Being Queen of a Red Hat Society chapter isn’t about planning events, organizing outings, or making restaurant reservations: all of that stuff can be delegated to helpers if you like! Being Queen is all about making sure you and your friends have lots of opportunities to have fun: in that case, who wouldn’t want to be Queen?
(Remember, there are tons of great resources for Queens on the Red Hat Society website! You can get party and game ideas in the Activities Collection, read the Queen Handbook online, find local events on the Online Event Calendar, contact other Queens on the Chapter Contact and Queen Member Boards, and so much more! With all of this to help you get started, what are you waiting for?)

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