Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fashionable Ladies

The Princesses of the Pines (South Carolina, United States) found a great way to spend a warm summer’s day! Chapterette Elsie writes, “We sponsored a ‘Classy Lassy’ Charity Fashion Show for Meals on Wheels.

 We felt this would be a great way to have fun and give back to an organization that has touched and helped so many.   We had food, fashions, entertainment and door prizes. Great time was had by all!”

Of course, we never require any Hatters to participate in charitable activities, but if a chapter finds it fun, they are free to participate in any event they choose! You look lovely, ladies!

The Big Easy Bash is Almost Here!

It’s almost time for our 2011 International Convention, theBig Easy Bash in New Orleans! We’ll be dancing to the unique sounds of zydeco, jazz, and blues, dancing the night away at the Big Easy Banquet, touring the city of New Orleans, and having the time of our lives with thousands of other Hatters! There are still a few spaces left, but this event is about to sell out!

In addition to the main events, our ever-popular Hat District will be open all weekend long! The Hat District will showcase excellent vendors, a fashion parade and masquerade mask contest, entertainment, and more! If you live in the New Orleans area and were unable to secure a place in the overall event, you can shop til you drop in the Hat District for only $5 entrance! There will be entertainment, fashion shows, wine sampling, and more!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Luau Ladies

Jean, a Hatter from Tennessee, recently attended a fabulous event!

She writes, “The Spirited Divas hosted their 5th annual event. They hold their events in the fellowship hall of a local church. This year they had a luau with fantastic food and really great prizes! We each got a prize since we were the first to book a table.

They had the most wonderful entertainment from a Hawaiian dance troupe. They had everyone dancing in the pews. And as Sissie so eloquently put it, ‘Who else but Red Hatters would hula in Church?’” Who else, indeed? Aloha, ladies!

Last Few Days to See The First Hat!

In April, the first red hat went on display on the ArtifactWall in the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of National History, and we celebrated Red Hat Society Day by going to see it! This piece of our Legacy is only on display until August, so there are only a few days left to see it! The Museum rotates out displays on a regular basis, so it will be a few years before this one is on display again! If you’re in the area, don’t miss this opportunity, and send us some pictures!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lending A Helping Hand

The Improper Bostonians, from Massachusetts, are not only one of the Red Hat Society’s longest-standing chapters (they became a chapter in May of 2001) but also one of the most active!
 Queen Angel writes, “These pictures are from the ‘Garden of Hope’ which is located at the Boston City Hall Plaza. The Garden of Hope is dedicated to cancer victims. We, as a chapter, donated a brick and also flowers which were planted in the garden. This is the inscription I had written for our brick.   We have about 10 members that have been diagnosed with cancer, and fortunately, all are survivors!
Although the Red Hat Society is mainly about having fun, our chapter has decided to make donations annually to the Cancer Society. We have made many donations to other organizations as well.” What a way to help other women!

 “How do I participate in events?”
The Red Hat Society hosts several events a year and Members are highly encouraged to attend at least one! These events are a great way to meet Red Hatters from all over the world. This year, we’ve been to Washington, DC, for Red Hat Society Day, and we’re preparing to go to New Orleans in August and march in the London New Year’s Day Parade next January! Participation in these events is easy: sign up and show up! We’ll take care of the rest! You can read about (and register for) our current events here!

In addition to the international events, Queens and Supporting Members have access to the Online Event Calendar, an excellent way to find out about events in your area and post your own events for others to see. To participate in these events, Members can log in to the website and view, post, and RSVP to events.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flowery Fun

The Scarlet Satin Sassies recently visited The Huntington Library in San Marino, California!

Queen Gloria and her ladies donned their summery red and purple duds and spent hours exploring the gardens, learning about different kinds of plants and habitats, and enjoying the magnificent views.

Several of the ladies had even decorated sun visors for the occasion!


“What happens at a Hatquarters-hosted Red Hat Society event?”
The first thing you see at any RHS event is the sea of red, purple, pink, and lavender! Hundreds or thousands of women come from all over the world to attend events, and you’ll hear the sound of friends new and old greeting each other. We try to make each event as unique as possible, but most events include activities like dancing, a banquet evening, and our popular Playshops (which are like workshops, except without the work: fun events only!) Hatquarters-hosted events feature headliner entertainers (like Damon Wayans and Chloris Leachman), the widest array of Red Hat merchandise offered anywhere offline, and the chance to meet Red Hat Society Founder Sue Ellen Cooper and CEO Debra Granich!
The main focus of events is on having fun with your Red Hat sisters. Check out our past events photos here and be sure to take a look at the posted agenda for each upcoming event.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Gift to Remember
Hatquarters received a lovely email from Elizabeth, also known as Queen Agave, of the Ruby RitaTinis (Florida, United States)! “I just wanted to say that I am regretting not being able to go to the Big Bash. New Orleans was where I was given my first Red Hat for my Big 50 birthday celebration! My sister-in-law and I had said we would celebrate our birthdays jointly in New Orleans almost 6 years ago for Mardi Gras. My birthday is in December and hers is in March, so we decided Mardi Gras would be in-between. She was already an RHS Member, and a few of her girls came to the party. So on our first night there a group of about 40 friends and relatives and Red Hatters met for a pre-dinner social. And what did they do?  They Hatted me!!! It was great, and I was an honorary member of their group. They sent me home to start my own chapter and shortly after I became Queen of the Ruby RitaTini's, Queen Agave to those who know me. One of the best things that ever happened! 
So to all of you going there for the big celebration, ENJOY and see if you can hat a few more girls there! Love you all and thanks for the memories!”
What a fantastic idea! The gift of Queenship is perfect for any woman who’s looking for more fun in life! 
“What sort of women become Queen? What if I’m not Queen material?”
Red Hat Society Queens come from all sorts of backgrounds and personalities! Some Queens are boisterous types, outgoing and eager to chat with everyone they meet. Others are quieter, more reserved, devoted to the friendship they’ve created within their chapters. The main quality that all Queens share is a desire to unite the women around them in fun and friendship. Being Queen of a Red Hat Society chapter isn’t about planning events, organizing outings, or making restaurant reservations: all of that stuff can be delegated to helpers if you like! Being Queen is all about making sure you and your friends have lots of opportunities to have fun: in that case, who wouldn’t want to be Queen?
(Remember, there are tons of great resources for Queens on the Red Hat Society website! You can get party and game ideas in the Activities Collection, read the Queen Handbook online, find local events on the Online Event Calendar, contact other Queens on the Chapter Contact and Queen Member Boards, and so much more! With all of this to help you get started, what are you waiting for?)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Worldwide Hoot Day Was A Success!

Hatters from far and wide went out in their signature colors on June 25 to celebrate Worldwide Hoot Day! Queen Janie of the Red Hot Chili Pepperettes (Nevada, United States), writes, "Members of more than a dozen Nevada chapters were represented in sparkling style against the breathtaking backdrop of flowers, flora and fauna in this beautiful setting! We met and distributed purple die cut owl cards that said: ‘Red Hatters give a Hoot in Las Vegas!’ It was a great day of sisterhood, hugs and giggles and a new set of friends to shmooze and make new memories with! It was really a beautiful hoot and a sight to behold for chapter members and guests of the Bellagio who were anxious to share in our picture perfect morning! It was DEFINITELY A HOOT and made us proud to be Red Hatters!"

The Red Hat Angels (British Columbia, Canada) had a blast at their Hoot, too! Queen Merville says, "On Worldwide Hoot Day our local chapter decided to visit a local winery, The Church and State Winery located just up the road from the world famous Butcharts Gardens. We went to see the bird show, shop and eat lunch as well as drink a little bit of the grape too. As only a few from our group showed up we had a great time sharing more personal information with each other than we would usually have had a chance to do. Plus while there we got to hand out some RHS cards to two ladies who were interested in joining our disorganization which was an added bonus to our outing! The weather was not as hot as I am sure your Southern California Hoot was but at least it didn't rain!"

In Orange, California, Hatquarters hosted a lively hoot with hundreds in attendance to shop, mingle, and watch the fantastic entertainment! What a day! 

“Why should I start my own chapter instead of joining an existing chapter?”
By starting your own chapter, you’re not only doing something wonderful for yourself, you’re also providing something that other women need! You can see how many chapters are in your area by clicking here: if there are few chapters near you, it’s a sure bet that other women are looking for a chapter to join, too! You can become a Queen by registering a new chapter on the RHS website for only $39 US per year (which includes your individual Membership for $20 and the chapter registratation for $19 US), or by calling Member Services. Gathering your chapter is easy!
1. Attract attention. For many Queens, it’s enough just to go around town in their regalia: people will ask questions! Some Queens have also put signs on their car windows, posted fliers in public places, or put signs on their lawns, advertising for new members.
2. Help new Members sign up. Make sure all new Hatters are official RHS Members! They can sign up easily on the RHS website, just make sure they have your chapter number. Again, Member Services is always happy to help your chapterettes sign up!
3. Let the fun begin! Many chapters like to hold a simple preliminary tea or meal to allow new Hatters to mingle, chat, and decide on future events. However you decide to organize it is up to you!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reduation alert!

The Old Bats with Red Hats (Oregon, United States) proudly added a new Red Hatter to their ranks recently! Queen Kathleen and Empress Darcy write, “Lady Laura, formerly a Pink Hatter, celebrated The Birthday in style with her Chapterettes. For the celebration, Empress Darcy read a Reduation poem she wrote in honor of the occasion. With a wave of her scepter, Queen Mother Kathleen bestowed Lady Laura with a new red hat and purple cape." 

"Lady Laura read a poem to the Chapter about turning 50.  Next, the Chapter read Linda Murphy's Reduation poem out loud and in unison to mark the auspicious occasion. After that, Queen Mother Kathleen gave Lady Laura a few gifts (a purple and red-feathered fan, a red hat coin purse, and a Red Hats Only parking space marker)." 

"We concluded the event by having a tea in honor of the Reduation. It's been five years since we celebrated the last Reduation, so these special events are few and far between and very precious to us!” Congratulations Laura! Wear your red hat proudly!

Can I give someone the gift of Membership? 
Absolutely! Do you have a friend who has a special day coming up? Know someone who needs more fun in her life? Make her a Member of the Red Hat Society! It's easy to do. Visit the RHS website for details, or if you prefer, just call Hatquarters and mention that you’d like to purchase a Gift Membership: the ladies in Member Services will be happy to help!