Thursday, June 23, 2011

“That’s My Hat!”

Maria, Queen of the Honey Bees in the Hat (Alberta, Canada) has a hat with an interesting story! She writes, "My husband is active with the Big Brothers/Sisters program in our city. He recently put together a bowling team to participate in a fundraiser for the organization, (and to get some free pizza). He called his team the 'Rad' Hatters." Our mayor was among the dignitaries attending the Bowl For Kids event. When he saw me he said, 'Hey! There's my hat!' "

"You see, last year he was challenged by the mayor of a neighboring city to raise funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The loser of the challenge had to wear the hockey jersey of the winning city to his next city council meeting. Part of his fundraising involved wearing heels, a red dress, and a blonde wig when he dropped the puck at a game of our local hockey team. He put out a request for a blonde wig. Red Hats to the rescue!"

"I promised him a cash donation if he would wear my big red hat over his blonde wig. Of course he agreed, and ultimately won the challenge to his great relief. My hat was on display at city hall for a few days. Red Hatters really do matter!" 

“Do we bring our husbands to events?”

Official Red Hat Society events are “girls only;” after all, this is our time to play! However, husbands and companions may certainly stay in the hotel and spend time with you when you are not at convention events. This isn’t meant to exclude anyone, but instead to let us have a chance to just be women!  (The exception to this is the London trip: husbands and family members are always welcome on this excursion! They will not be able to march in the New Year’s Parade, but they are welcome on the sight-seeing tours.)

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