Thursday, June 30, 2011

Red Hat Writer

Carol, Queen of the Scarlet O’Hatters (Alberta, Canada) and chapterettes Jane, Marilyn,  L'Shauna and Diane recently attended a book launch and signing for one of their Red Hat sisters! Carol says, “Barb and co-author Josh recently released their second book!  Barb and Josh met on line and have co-authored many articles, short stories and now a trilogy.  We are all very proud of Barb and her accomplishments.

Hatters are everywhere, in all kinds of jobs! Hatters are authors, business owners, nurses, teachers, bus drivers, scuba divers, and dance instructors! You never know where you’ll run into a Red Hat Society Member!

If I become Queen, how do I find Members?
Many Queens gather friends old and new to join them in Red Hat Society. They find new friends at local RHS events (which they can find out about on our website’s Online Event Calendar), national conventions, and through the online discussion boards. Also, if your chapter is open to accepting new Members, we’ll let you know when a new Supporting Member in your area is interested in meeting your group.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

“That’s My Hat!”

Maria, Queen of the Honey Bees in the Hat (Alberta, Canada) has a hat with an interesting story! She writes, "My husband is active with the Big Brothers/Sisters program in our city. He recently put together a bowling team to participate in a fundraiser for the organization, (and to get some free pizza). He called his team the 'Rad' Hatters." Our mayor was among the dignitaries attending the Bowl For Kids event. When he saw me he said, 'Hey! There's my hat!' "

"You see, last year he was challenged by the mayor of a neighboring city to raise funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The loser of the challenge had to wear the hockey jersey of the winning city to his next city council meeting. Part of his fundraising involved wearing heels, a red dress, and a blonde wig when he dropped the puck at a game of our local hockey team. He put out a request for a blonde wig. Red Hats to the rescue!"

"I promised him a cash donation if he would wear my big red hat over his blonde wig. Of course he agreed, and ultimately won the challenge to his great relief. My hat was on display at city hall for a few days. Red Hatters really do matter!" 

“Do we bring our husbands to events?”

Official Red Hat Society events are “girls only;” after all, this is our time to play! However, husbands and companions may certainly stay in the hotel and spend time with you when you are not at convention events. This isn’t meant to exclude anyone, but instead to let us have a chance to just be women!  (The exception to this is the London trip: husbands and family members are always welcome on this excursion! They will not be able to march in the New Year’s Parade, but they are welcome on the sight-seeing tours.)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Celebrating A Chapter!

Hatquarters received a lovely email from Queen Marion Sheffield of the Cottage Garden Cuties in England!
“It was when I went to an Art Demonstration that I first came across the Red Hatters. The artist picked up a large paint brush and put a number of Red Blobs onto the canvas. Eventually the picture began to emerge. Apparently the artist met some ladies in California. During the interval I asked him how I could find out more about them, he said look on the Internet, which I did.
At that time I had a son living in Montgomery Alabama, so I looked under Montgomery and noticed that there were about three Chapters at that time. I wrote to one of the Queens and told her about my son, but not where he worked. When she saw the name Sheffield, she said to herself it must be the young man who owns Sheffield Antiques.  When I next communicated with this particular Queen she invited me the next time I was visiting Alabama to let her know so that she could invite me to there next get together.  This I did.
The year before I had been diagnosed with breast cancer, it was very serious. While receiving treatment, which resulting losing all of my hair (that was hard) three ladies from my church met together every week to pray for me, so when I heard about The Red Hat Society I told them about it and we decided to start our own chapter.  We now have fifteen ladies. We all have flower names. I am Lady Primrose.  Everybody loves being a Red Hatter. We have been to Buckingham Palace, The Chelsea Pensioners in London, Theatre etc. This coming May we are planning to go to Windsor Castle where there is an exhibition celebrating the Duke of Edinburgh's 90th birthday.
The friendship is wonderful, we are there for each other, and we are always laughing. It is so much fun." 

“What actually happens at events?  Are they like trade shows?”
Our official conventions are like nothing else in the world! Atypical Red Hat Society convention is a combination of a sleepover, a dance party, and a girls’ night out at the mall! Where else can you find hundreds or thousands of like-minded women dancing to fantastic live music, shopping from hundreds of vendors with unique products, and staying up until all hours of the night because the conversation is so good?  Our ladies decorate their hotel room doors and balconies, bustle through our host cities with panache and charm (dressed to the nines in red, purple, pink, and lavender!), and play to their hearts’ content during the Playshops, dance parties, and banquets!
You can see photos of our past events on the Red Hat Society website! To find out about  upcoming  events, please click here.