Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Introducing the Fun-Loving Flat Hatters!

This story from the Red Hot Chili Pepperettes (Nevada, United States) made us laugh so much, we wanted to share it with you! The Flat Hats are a group of very stylish fun-loving paper dolls, created by the chapter, and here is their story:

Once upon a time in Las Vegas, there was a group of "Flat Hats" who lived in a very stylish, suitably appropriate and highly decorative Red Hat trunk. They spent their time hanging around their very fun loving 3-D sisters, the Red Hot Chili Pepperettes, watching them laugh and cavort in true Red Hat style. And even though they were, well, flat, they still wore their red hats and pajamas proudly. They were dearly loved!

After seeing all the fun their real life counterparts were having at a pajama party (taking turns doing "glam gram" shots in a leather bustier), Janie Flat Hat said to Caroline Flat Hat, "Can you hear all that laughter? Hanging around in a trunk is boring!" Caroline agreed, but they both knew that being flat had its limitations! (That is, only if you didn't have a red hat on your head!) Caroline remembered hearing about another flat challenged person who was flattened by a bulletin board. He was making his life exciting by rolling up and getting mailed to lands of adventure. She told Janie of her mentor. Caroline said: "There isn't anywhere we can't go, if we can get our Red Hat sisters to send us for a little trip and adventure."

So the flat hats spoke with their 3-D sisters who agreed that it was selfish for them to be the only ones having fun. They would each be sent on a 4 month adventure ONLY if, as in true Red Hat style, they had their pictures taken wherever they were sent! Fun has to be recorded and shared so that laughter will go on and on! And because the Red Hot Chili Pepperettes would miss their Flat Hat ladies, they had to return to their trunk following their trips. Everyone agreed, and on February 11, 2006 the adventures began at a fondue party. A letter was written to be given to friends and family, along with a Flat Hat Sister.

Our Flat Hat Sisters traveled all over America and across the world, from Hawaiian beaches to camel rides in Egypt, even to Denmark and had such an interesting summer. Our sister Eleanor's flat hat traveled for her as she was in a nursing home. We did a wonderful calendar photo documenting their adventures. We also have wonderful red hat Christmas trees at our homes that our paper dolls reside in December each year. We treasure our 3-D sisters and our paper counterparts. Sadly, since our flat hat adventures began, two of Our Red Hat Sisters have left this earth. But they live on in our hearts and in our Flat Hat Trunk: a true Red Hatter Is ALWAYS READY FOR ADVENTURE and our trunk is always ready to pack.

(Always remember...You're NEVER too OLD to play with your paper dolls!)

"Is the RHS a bona-fide women's movement?"
We believe it is! A great deal has been said about our Sisterhood. Magazines, newspapers, television, books and movies have all featured our dear Society. As a matter of fact, every day, somewhere in the world, the Red Hat Society is mentioned in one or more forms of media.

When we were spontaneously creating the Society, we never had an inkling as to how powerful and important our organization would become in today's world. After all, we were out having fun. The word of mouth regarding the Red Hat Society was driving at such a rapid rate that within five years we had 40,000 chapters worldwide. If that were not enough, the Society was even featured on the longest running animated series, The Simpsons! Who would imagine that a gift of a red hat would have transformed the world?

We organically began to meet and play in full regalia, embracing our lives and where we were within them, shouting back at the stigma on mature women in society with a mighty Red Hat roar. Those outings became the world's largest accidental publicity campaign catapulting The Red Hat Society and our Members onto the pages of those magazines, newspapers and television screens...from ordinary to extraordinary! But, as we basked in the glow of the spotlight, something even more brilliant came from within our souls...a true purpose, if you will, the purpose to change the hearts and lives of women. For the first time in the modern world, there was an organization committed to helping women who had lost a spouse or parent, or were, perhaps dealing with major life threatening illnesses - we began to cling to each other like a real family.

Stories of kindheartedness and sisterly love began to pour into Hatquarters by the truckloads (of course email wasn't really the thing then). We happily, yet tearfully, read letters from our Members around the world expressing the value and commitment they felt for our dear Society. Sue Ellen's gift morphed into something much larger than a club or group; it evolved into a women's movement of sorts - a movement consisting of women committed to supporting each other through fun and friendship allowing each individual the empowering permission to play.

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