Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Everything’s A Party!

Red and Pink Hatters flocked to Washington, DC, to celebrate the Red Hat Society Day, but the official event wasn’t the only time they celebrated!
Queen Marlyn got a picture of her friends arriving in the airport, ready to rock and roll in their purple suits and red hats! The group later went to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History to see the Red Hat on display—they wanted to have plenty of time to take pictures!

Of course, they couldn’t resist plopping a red feather fascinator on Julia Childs’ head while they were there!

“What is the purpose of a chapter in the RHS?  Is it a single group or several?  How large are the chapters?  Do they have officers or other roles that are assumed?  How are meetings conducted? “
Hatters join the Society as individual Supporting Members: some later choose to be a part of a local chapter, while many Hatters play with multiple chapters in their area or during travels. We have thousands of chapters worldwide!  Most chapters have about 20 women (which is big enough to allow everyone to make lots of new friends, but small enough to allow the group to make event reservations with ease!) but many have more, and some have fewer members. In the end, whatever size works for the chapter is fine by us!
The only official role in the chapter is the chapter Queen, who pays the chapter dues ($39 a year). Some chapters have no other official roles, some have Historians to document chapter events, E-Mail Females to receive the official communications from Hatquarters if the Queen does not have email, and others! Some chapter Queens plan every event for their chapter (though we do recommend that everyone pitch in!), some leave it up to volunteers, and some assign each Member a month in which to plan an activity for the group. Again, each chapter should do whatever works best for the chapter as a whole—in other words, whatever lets them have the most fun!
As for meetings: we don’t believe in something that sounds as boring as “meetings!” We prefer gatherings, hoots, get-togethers, affairs, and galas.  Anything but “meetings”!

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