Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Connecting With Mother

Queen Janie of the Red Hot Chili Pepperettes (Henderson, Nevada, United States) and her chapter found a unique way to celebrate Mother’s Day!
Janie writes, “This year our group went to the Springs Preserve and took our mothers to lunch with us!   Each of our group brought pictures of our moms, young and old – we shared our pictures along with stories of our moms - what their greatest gift was to us, what their silly quirks were along with a favorite recipe that was passed on to us. Our Vice-Queen of Hearts, Caroline told an amazing story.  Her mom was a twin and died before her sister.   Her cousin gave her a picture of her mom that she found in her mom's stuff when the twin sibling passed.   They knew nothing about the picture or how old her mother was at the time of the picture.   However, when Caroline connected with about her 50th class reunion, there was a link to 1935, which happened to be the year her mom graduated from high school.   And through this link - she was able to purchase her mom's yearbook from the same school Caroline graduated from.
She remembered her mom telling her that her family was too poor to buy the school yearbook.  The yearbook came - and there in it was the picture of her mom - age 22 in her Senior class picture.   So Caroline was able to buy her mother's year book for her, 75 years after her mother's graduation. What a great Mother's Day gift...truly priceless!”

“What role does the International Hatquarters play in the chapters around the globe?  What services are offered?”
Hatquarters is the hub of the Red Hat Society! We co-ordinate and host international conventions and “hoots,” provide and manage the Online Event Calendar where Hatters around the world can post and promote their own events. Women join the Red Hat Society through Hatquarters, then choose whether or not to connect to local chapters. We handle every need our Members have, and they span the globe in 26 countries!
Hatquarters serves as the center point for all communications and opportunities for RHS Members offering tools, tips, discounts, services and events specifically with Red Hatters in mind. The Red Hat Society has spent over a decade developing a strong online communication tool for Members assisting them in gaining new and exciting ways to enjoy life, sharing their unique and motivating stories and helping Members find local hatters and activities they can participate in. Women over age 50 are known as "Red Hatters," while those under 50 are lovingly referred to as "Pink Hatters."

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