Thursday, May 26, 2011

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

Kay Watson, Queen of the Scintillating Sophisticates in New Mexico recently attended a Cinco de Mayo party! “We had a fun time at the Sweet Red Hat Tamales Chapter's Cinco de Mayo Party at my house today." "

It was also my chance to show off the new house to most of my chapter sisters who had not seen it yet. Know everyone was having fun as the party went on for over 4 hours!” Sounds like our kind of party!

“How do I find out about RHS events?  How do I get connected?”
There are lots of ways to find out about events in your area and get connected! The first step is to join the Red Hat Society as a Supporting Member or Queen: this will give you access to the resources on the RHS website that will put you in touch with other Members and Queens.
Once you’ve become a Member, you can sign in to the website with your username and password: one of the best places to start is the Online Event Calendar. Hatters all over the world post information about their events on the Calendar, and you can search for events by date or location. You can also visit the Queen Member Board and Queen Member Board 2, our social networking platforms, to connect with women all over the world, share photos, get advice, and just have fun! If you’re looking to connect with a chapter in your area, you can always use the Contact Chapters tool to find chapters in your area, connect with local Queens, or even get in touch with Hatters in an area you may be travelling to!
(Note: if you are a businessperson who is looking to contact local Hatters to attend an event, please contact our Licensing Manager, Debbie Rose, for more details on how we might be able to meet your needs!)

Choices.   Life is always about choices, the good and the bad.  People make choices about their lifestyle about their professions about whether they’ll prepare for the future or face it head on as it comes.  We face different challenges each day and we all make choices in how we deal with those challenges.  One thing we all will face together however is the challenge of aging, caring for loved one, obtaining care for ourselves, retaining our life and our lifestyle. 
One of the Red Hat Society goals in bringing the CCS Caregivers program to our members is to better prepare our membership for these challenges and to remind them of some very important points.
1.       They are not alone.  Many of your fellow Red Hatters have already faced this issue and not surprisingly, many have faced it with a joie de vivre, that cheerful enjoyment of life that often defines a Red Hat member.
2.       You have options.  One thing that came through in the recently conducted Red Hat survey on caregiving is that people often had to find the information they needed on their own.  Time and again a call was made to have better access information.
3.       People often identified that they had a much better appreciation of the impact of aging and caregiving now that they had provided care for another.  Yet surprisingly, many of these same people still had not made plans for themselves.  Substantially more than 50% of those responding to the survey (people who had seen the impact of providing care face to face),  idicated they had no plans of their own.
We wish to use this forum to begin providing you with more information on the choices that exist and the choices you have.  Like with everything else Red Hat, this is provided to let you keep control of that enjoyment of life.
Learn about some of your choices
Some places to go for more information
Family Care America ( – This is a broad base library of material and resources which allows a user to quickly profile his or her caregiving situation, and instantly receive the relevant information needed to make decisions and solve problems.
Caregiving Online ( – A site devoted to maintaining wellness for Caregivers of an Aging Relative, Friend, or Neighbor - information in "Online Support" section.
Financing: Online – Offers financing solutions for those trying to plan for future caregiving needs for themselves or family members

Story of the Week
This story was shared with us last year by a Red Hatter.  She was a physician who had decided to care for her mother at home, despite the demands of her career and despite the fact her mother owned traditional long term care insurance with which she might have paid for a nursing home or care by a stranger.  The Hatter felt gratified that she could care for her loved one at home and as a physician she felt the care she could provide was superior to other alternatives.  Like many responders to the caregiving survey she felt gratified to be giving back and providing a setting of love in a familiar lifestyle. 

There was a downside, however.  Because her mother’s long term insurance policy was a traditional reimbursement arrangement, it actually prohibited payment of her benefit because care was being provided by a family member, even though that family member was a physician herself.  This may seem counterintuitive.  After all people most often would rather be cared for at home by loved ones and who better to provide care than a family member who is also a physician.  Yet this is the way that many traditional long term care plans were structured.  Fortunately the industry is starting to more fully embrace the value of family provided care.  Newer programs recognize the value and need for informal caregivers to be compensated for their efforts. 
To learn more about options which support family provided care, e-mail

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