Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Traveling T-Shirt

Darlene McNeil, Queen of the Sippin' SenioRitas, recently posted this on the Queen Member Board (our web forums): “Empress Elke [Elke Lagace, of Ruby RedHat’s Ramblers] started a thread recently on the QMB entitled 'Pay it Forward', asking for members to send something to another sister as a way of paying it forward. Last year, I celebrated my 70th birthday wearing a red tee shirt that stated on the front, ‘This is what a Kool 70 year old looks like.’" 

"Since I only wore it twice, and it was taking space in my overly crowded closet, I decided to post a photo of it and see if anyone would like to have it.   Almost as soon as it posted I received an e-mail from Daisy Sue in Ohio telling me that she would like to have it as she was celebrating her 70th soon. I packed it up and off it went to Ohio.  Today I received an e-mail from her with a photo of her wearing the tee shirt.  She told me that she is forwarding it on to Jet in Tennessee to wear next year for her 70th.  It is so heartwarming for me to know that the shirt I purchased on a whim is being worn by my precious Red Hat sisters as they celebrate a milestone in their lives.”

“What do the women of the RHS do when they gather?”

The short answer is, whatever we want! Women have had so much on their plates for so long that they often forget how to "want" for themselves.The mere question "what is your heart's desire" or "what do you want to do" are now almost impossible to answer.  We thrive on fun and look forward to connecting with like-minded women. What could be seen as "selfish" at first is actually empowerment, reminding us to be ourselves and do what we enjoy! 

In general, we do whatever we find fun. This can vary from chapter to chapter. Some chapters prefer more restrained activities such as tea parties or antiquing. Other chapters do grape-stomping, road trips, and even skydiving and whitewater rafting! We also do things our husbands or significant others would never want to do: see a chick flick, try out a new French restaurant, or just an ice cream social at the local Dairy Queen! In the Red Hat Society, you are free to pursue fun, no matter what that looks like for you!

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