Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Regal Occasion

Hatters know how to host a grand occasion!
Outgoing Queen Ladybug Louise Oliver of the Red Hat Flappers had gifts for everyone and a special thank you to all those who have served with her these past 5-6 years.  She was given a standing ovation, as she has been an inspiration and encouragement to all.

Incoming Queen Mary Cease was presented a dozen long-stemmed roses from her daughter and granddaughter.  Chapterette Sunny draped the incoming Queen with a Royal Robe and Louise crowned her with the Chapters new Crown, and the transfer was complete! Queen Mary vowed that the Chapter would continue to be a Very Fun Chapter.  

“What do you mean by ‘magic in the hat’?”

Over the years, we’ve noticed the changes that happen in women’s lives when they join the Red Hat Society. On goes a hat, and out goes boredom, loneliness, and shyness! Lest anyone think that the Red Hat Society is merely frivolous fun with no lasting impact, Red Hat Society Members posted pictures of themselves on the Queen Member Board, our social web forums. These pictures came in pairs: each woman posted one picture of herself at the beginning of her Hatting journey along with recent pictures. Red Hat Society Founder Sue Ellen said, “Amazingly, in every instance, the woman in the ‘before’ photo looks attractive enough, but rather sedate – certainly a bit tentative in expression. But every single ‘after’ photo seems to show a new woman! With chin lowered, and eyes flirtatiously wide, twinkling with mischief and sass – each woman has been transformed far beyond what a mere upgrade of regalia could ever achieve. You would swear that each of them has had the benefit of professional make-up and anti-depressants! These women have become glamorous, self-confident and charismatic!” And THAT’S the magic in the hat!

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