Friday, April 1, 2011

A Night at the Oscars

Maria Mikesell, Queen of the Hussies With Hattitude, just loves a good party! “There are many red hat events I love attending but one of my favorite is the Purple Ball put on by Gail Rico and Kathy Rico Baichtal. This mother and daughter team never disappoints and this year was no exception. The theme this year was ‘A Night at the Oscars’ where one could come dressed like our favorite movie star or favorite character on TV or in a book.

It was delightful to see women in costumes dressed as Audrey Hepburn, Mae West, Cleopatra and Cruella de Ville just to name a few. Equally entertaining was the group who performed known as Kulayd. They were such a fun group who didn’t mind interacting with their audience and even dancing with us! 
Needless to say a fun time was had by all. A special academy award should go to this mother/daughter duo for their fine performance!” What a glamorous event!

“Why dress up in red and purple or pink and lavender?”

Our signature colors really make us stand out in a crowd, and we love that! In modern society, women often fade into the background and become effectively invisible. Not us! We love being who we are, and we’re not afraid to stand out a little bit! In addition, these unique colors help us identify our Red Hat Society sisters: women in red hats and purple outfits recognize each other all over the world! Once, when a Hatter from the States visited Italy, she took a gondola ride in her regalia, and met an Italian Hatter going the other way on another boat! The two ladies waved and called to each other, and though they couldn’t stop to chat, they both knew they’d made a friend!

There’s something incredibly freeing about playing “dress-up.” Putting on a special dress or hat can sometimes give us the courage to dare, to dream big, to have adventures! Wearing our signature colors is a way of letting out our inner child, and saying “It’s time to play!” And remember, though we do ask that all Hatters wear the appropriate colors, how you wear them is up to you! Will you go for a classic style, modern, bohemian, or casual? Maybe you want to be extra daring and try a little Victorian style, pirate couture, or vintage fashion!

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