Friday, April 8, 2011

A Friend in Need
Lynda Herzog, Queen of Herzog's Hilarious Hellyuns of Haughton has a lovely story of sisterhood to share!

“My neighbor, Patricia Jan Bland (Queen of Song), lives in Texas, but keeps a home just 3 doors from mine, also. Two years ago I became extremely ill and very weak and the doctors couldn't seem to give a diagnosis. I was too weak to walk, cook, or take care of myself. This went on for months, and later learned I was an untreated diabetic and in a 'storm' derived from a thyroid disease called 'GRAVES.' Patricia Jan was in need of returning to her Texas home but wouldn't leave me alone. She sat hours on end with me, sometimes silently, but would even cry with me when the pain would make me cry. She drove me to my Doctor appointments, gave my meds, brought food to me and even helped me bathe. Had I not opened our Red Hat Chapter 7 years ago I would have never met this wonderful woman of admirable strength and friendship. Did I mention Jan is almost 81 yrs of age and has severe arthritis issues herself?! She became my 'Florence Nightingale' and remains my very close Red Hat Sister!"

“Why isn’t chapters’ contact information open to the public?”
Did you know that at the beginning of the Red Hat Society's twelve year history some of our chapter information was viewable by non-Members? We listed our Queens last names and their email addresses for everyone to see. This course of action seemed harmless, who would want to bother us? We're just a simple play group for women, after all, and the website was designed just for our use. Who would dare come to our playground uninvited?
Our approach sounded friendly but it wasn't private or safe for our Members. We take our Members’ security and peace of mind very seriously: they deserve our support! We were obliged to remove the last names of our Queens and the change to Members-only password-protected information was born.
This turned out to be an excellent change. All Red Hat Society Members can be assured that their information will not be shared or sold to third parties or viewed by non-Members. Emailed and mailed offers from RHS partners are vetted by our licensing manager to ensure that they are offers you would want to know about. Not everyone is capable of getting to you. You'd be surprised at the many companies who approach us that we decline based on our commitment to our Members!
Our Members are so valuable to the Legacy of the Red Hat Society, and their privacy is paramount. We want everyone to feel secure enough to play to their hearts’ content!

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